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Consultation regarding the purchase of a gaming computer


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Hello everyone, my boys (age 12) play Minecraft Fortnite and Laurent etc ....
I wanted to buy them the recommended computer from the list of recommended computers that costs about 4000 NIS (I attached a photo), I sent the offer and received a reply from Ivory that the prices went up and at the moment it is 5000 NIS ... I do not suspect pricing but just expensive for me

I saw in TMS (by the way do not get back to me to request the offer) the two computers that appear in the picture, at a cost of about 4600 attaching a picture

Do not know what to do, how significant is the difference between the specification of the site here and the offer of TMS?

I must say, I have excellent experience with the specifications of the site and in general there are winning recommendations here (as many as a decade that I buy according to the recommendations here).

By and large - my budget is only 4000 for a computer (without peripherals, screen and software ...) There is 10% flexibility in the budget.


I'll be glad to receive your help



Attaching images



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In startpc there are significantly more lucrative specifications and significantly stronger in the same budget, I personally would not buy a gaming computer with 1660.

The first specification with 2060 (previous generation card) which is reasonable, but not amazing and supports Noidia's technologies (DLSS \ RT and Noidia broadcast [raises noise from the microphone / speaker and gives smart options for cameras).

The other with 6600XT's Which is a little stronger than 3060, but does not support anything of the Nodia.

The third (and maybe the one I personally would choose) comes with a 3060 which is the latest generation card that is on average a bit weaker than the 6600 XT but does support the things of Nodeia and the processor it comes with is more powerful than the processor in the specs with the 6600 XT.


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Wow, really thanks for the detail I will dive into these specifications. 


I realized that I accidentally posted here instead of a computer purchase consulting forum, is it possible to forward my message there including the response?

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Okay, thanks, I'll probably go over the third specification.


I saw in the tangle the specifications that are attached in the picture




In addition, I would be very happy for a recommendation for a computer screen, for three recommendations of cheap medium and expensive, expensive not above 1700. 

Standard size.




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For games on this budget the 1660S is just not really good, I would go for the specs with the 3060 which will be significantly more powerful.
In terms of screen, look for a screen with a resolution of 2560X1440 and a refresh rate of at least 144 for fast games.

Something like this seems to me


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I ordered the computer. Thanks.

As for the screen, another NIS 200 would be a dramatic difference? If not then it's better to save it for a gaming mouse (my son digs on to replace a mouse ...)

By the way, did you write a resolution that is FHD? The link you sent seems to have a lower resolution






how is it ? Will rise 1580 after discount.

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FHD This 1920X1080 resolution I wrote is usually called "2K".

Edit 2: Right now I understand what you wrote and the screen I linked is really FHD and not 2K.

In terms of screens the first screen you linked is 32 inches, it's pretty big and me personally Prefers 27, but it's really a personal matter and you may prefer 32.

All of these screens are fine, if you want to save some screen that I linked well enough.

EDIT: And another addition is that the gigabyte screens are flat and the Lenovo you brought is curved, there is no good or bad here it is again a personal matter.

And although you did not ask I will share with you the mouse I bought and I am very very happy with it and it is considerably cheaper than similar mice{"sku_id"%3A"12000018369035215"}

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