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Upgrading Motherboard and Processor


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My current specification:

I7-7700K processor with To 4.8 MHz
Motherboard GA-Z170X Gaming 5
Graphics Card Vision 3070
2X8 3200MHz CL16
Current game resolution: 2560X1440 80Hz
The original computer was built in 2017.
So some preliminary explanation:
Somewhere in December 2020 with the release of The new ones, I decided I wanted to upgrade my previous 980ti video card, which had already started to falter at 1440p in new games.
I was debating between 3080 and 3070 in the context of a bottleneck with the CPU or an upgrade of the CPU as well, and all this at a time when both were still available at a reasonable price. 
After a month of deliberation, the price frenzy started and the whole upgrade was postponed. Almost a year has passed from there, and recently I was able to get my hands on 3070 from abroad at the price it then rose in the country.
Needless to say, this is a compromise, but at its current price, it's just crazy to buy a 3080.
So after installing the card, I realized unfortunately that the bottleneck is very real and that my CPU is no longer compatible with the FPS I expect to get with the new card, and it's time to upgrade.
I do not use a computer to work on heavy software, but I would like a Future proof processor that is open to OC on the one hand, but up to NIS 1,500 on the other hand. Accordingly I will also need to replace the motherboard of course. My main requirement is that it will support -C in the front panel of the case, which will have a relatively large number of inputs 3.2 and will be up to 1,000 NIS. 
Thanks for the helpers


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As mentioned, this afternoon the new generation of .

According to the schedules of processors The previous ones, too, their new generation is expected to arrive very soon.

So it's worth the wait. First and foremost it means that if you purchase an 11th generation system of You are not future proof because the market is undergoing changes and it is not clear what is going to happen soon.

It is worth noting that if you want to make the most of replacing a board and processor and you are thinking of one of the new options, you will probably need to replace as well .

On the other hand, if you settle for an 11th generation based system of , So the memory of good enough.



If on the other hand you are not interested in investing in a complete system 

And if you have no problem messing with exceptional options, there is an option to put Frankenstein processors on your board.

This requires an update to the hack bios you get from the Chinese.

You can ask for it from the store before purchasing to see if you can install it without a problem - recommended with the software embedded in the BIOS. 

Since this is a gigabyte board with Email Bios, the option to go back to the previous Bios always exists if you got a bad Bios.

Experience says that the bios they send are bios that have already received positive feedback from customers and are working properly. 

Then assemble a mobile processor board that has been adapted to the board.

If you do not do OC then you can get along with Cooling Normal, if so do liquid metal because the core is exposed.

It's less powerful than new processors but the market is currently undergoing unclear transformations and it could acquire you two years of quiet in my opinion. 

See video here :




I recommend not purchasing QS processors but Processors With a formal name, at least ZOOM does not like QS / ES processors. 

i9-9980hk If you want 8 cores, about 620 NIS from Ali Express.  


i5-9300h for 6 cores for 375 NIS.



The above processors lower the memory speed to 2666. At most there are those who manage to squeeze 2933 out of them. 

In any case, the opening of the bottle neck comes mainly from the addition of the cores.

It is advisable to check that your memories are as the Chinese recommend. 

The service in this store is very non-Chinese and among other things it is possible to return for no reason within 90 days.

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