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Help with choosing a partial specification upgrade ("trinity"), budget about 2000 NIS


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There is a problem with the cooling.

Your case is limited to 160mm if there is no fan on the side and less if there is. This is exactly the height of the heatsink I suggested.

Is there a fan on the side?

It seems worth taking a body Otherwise it will not be borderline.

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Do not know, it's about the millimeter. 

If you take the computer to the store they will assemble, then they will get along, tell them in advance and they can check with him or with others because there are many that are 160mm, sure there is in stock.

If you are ordering parts for yourself to assemble yourself this is a different story and I think it is best to go for sure.

There is this:

140mm, 120 silent fan. Should be a good product is very old and I do not find recent reviews 

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On further thought I will wait for Black Friday to buy one of the following 1TB M.2 drives (pp. Which will drop below $ 75):

Then I will place the order of the other components in TMS

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From there there was now a deal on the WD Blue SN550 1TB High-Performance M.2 PCIe NVME drive , So I ordered it ...


And another important thing I forgot - my brother works at Intel and is entitled to buy a processor (and / or motherboard) in the workplace at a fairly cheap price.

Attaches some Of prices there But VAT + shipping must be added That it is not clear exactly what the cost is (sent from Intel USA) - so it is not clear what the final cost is ... such a section.


I saw that they only have one 11th generation model (i7 11700), and it is also specifically out of stock at the moment ... (we asked to be informed that the stock is back).

+ Is it worth one of the boards if there is one? 


You're the only one who answers and helps me here for now ... appreciate it!


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 7.57.03 PM.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 7.56.30 PM.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 7.56.05 PM.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 7.55.44 PM.jpg

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-25 at 7.57.12 PM.jpg

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I wanted to say regardless, that if you are replacing everything anyway and adjusting comfortably over savings then maybe it is already better to take an entire computer and transfer the video card to it.

With everything you have already decided to purchase it means just adding a case.


On the other hand, if we are dealing with a deal, then you can buy more things from Amazon, 16 GB It should cost 65-70 $ and it is without shipping and VAT and saves you 100 NIS and more may be better deals. There are currently some at $ 63.

I think you can also find a quality power supply in the range of $ 75. It's mostly tinkering but in the end saves a few hundred shekels (all together, not the supplier) 

The assumption is that there are those who know how to assemble and tinker. 




The idea is to take the cheapest board offered to you with a Chipset 590 and it's the board at $ 180, Frame.

All the boards offered are good.

i5-10600k or i7-10700 will be as well Very good that will give you a good return even if not perfect 

Probably better than the 11400.

Or wait for the 11700 to return to stock. 


Edited By yoavke
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Quote of yoavke

The idea is to take the cheapest board offered to you with a Chipset 590 and it's the board at $ 180, Asus Frame.

All the boards offered are good.

Does it also have a connection to M.2 PCIe ? Because I did not see (and already bought the drive ...)

עריכה: I missed ... I saw it existed


Come on flowing about the case - so what do you recommend? Just keep it simple (no LEDs / lights)

Edited By et
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Not versed in cases. I can tell about what I know.

A year ago I assembled a computer with the 4000 and it was quite high quality.

In Antek's cases, I got to work with the nx800w and the p120 / 110.

The P cases are better quality in terms of material thickness and overall quality of everything that goes there, they are also heavier accordingly.

ה Was in my opinion in the middle between Antek's nx and p. 

The question is whether Others from the P family are of the same quality ...

To answer you have to feel ... if this is the case then something like p7, p8, p82 should be worthwhile.

But there is also a matter of preference here.

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Hi, regarding the processors of I have a working friend And I ordered the 10600k from them some time ago (in the end I sold it because I regretted it and decided that I was also waiting for an inventory of 11). For the cost shown there, you add VAT + commissions to FedEx, which in percentages make the purchase very expensive (there is no shipping fee, although FedEx commissions can be treated as shipping fees).


FedEx frees your processor from customs and charges it over NIS 100. I found out that I ordered the processor for $ 130 and added another NIS 240 to VAT for commissions + commissions. Ridiculous. But still more profitable than buying in Israel / Amazon.


Regarding the inventory, my friend asked And it should arrive sometime between another three weeks and two months (they do not commit to a specific date).

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The following specification was ordered:



By the way, was not in stock the supplier you recommended - so offered the current one instead.

Although it has already been ordered and paid for, everything can be changed if there is a small (or large) catastrophe here.


Recent Comments?


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