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Choice of micro / mini package for existing specifications (up to NIS 300).


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Hello everyone,


I have an existing collection of parts that I only have left to fit a case into. I was highly recommended ANTEC NX410 But by and large my preference is for smaller cases (mini / micro, of course depending on the fit of the rest of the specs).


This is the existing specification:




Given that I want to buy in Eilat, these are my main options (I think they all fit the specifications, but correct me if I am wrong):

CoolerMaster MasterBox Lite 3.1 TG

ANTEC Draco 10 Case

Fractal Design Focus G Mini

CoolerMaster MasterBox MB311L


The goal is basically to bring the case with the best and most recommended airflow in general. Lights etc does not really matter to me.


If you think the NX410 is so much better than all of them and worth considering anyway even though it is not a micro case, you will mention it.


Thanks !

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I think you should really compare the dimensions of the cases, some of which are no smaller than the NX410.



As for the specification itself, I would reconsider the choice of parts. To combine this processor with the board and cooling you have chosen is to put a gas pool in neutral, a pity about the money.

I guess you already have the video card promoted because I would not recommend buying a new 1060 today.


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The video card does exist, all other parts are new. Everything has already been purchased in fact except the board if I have not yet purchased but this is the board I intended to purchase.


As for the CPU, the truth is that the CPU I currently have is actually 10600k, but then I discovered that generation 10 does not support the speed of memory nor the 4th generation of storage, so I get pissed and I want to switch to generation 11. So I want to sell the processor (new in packaging) And replace in generation 11. I have a working friend And the prices of their workers are very cheap so I can bring the 11700k probably in the NIS 900 range which is very cheap. That's the consideration.


Why do you think this is unnecessary with the board and cooling?


And as for the cases - they are all lower and some even significantly more than the NX410. I would love if you could also comment.


Thanks !!



Edited By dkaro
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This processor consumes over 200w at full load, and it is a board with a very basic power supply (VRM) system and even without a heat sink, it will just overheat and limit the CPU to work at low frequency. There is a similar problem with the cooling of the processor that will not be able to dissipate such an amount of heat in continuous operation over time. This is a general problem with processors Recent editions and do not get it wrong, even with 10600k that would be pretty borderline.


As for the enclosures, the NX410 is simply good value for money with airflow through a front grille and three fans included in the price, it's not that you can find other enclosures with capacity Similar. Of those you have chosen the CoolerMaster MB311L will probably give similar performance plus a rear fan.

In terms of dimensions, the NX410 is a bit taller but less deep, a case of 39 liters compared to 36 liters is not a significant difference (we will not talk about the Draco 10 which is even a little larger in volume than the NX410).

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As for the memories, from my short test a 10th generation processor with a B560 board will support without a problem the 3200 memories, run XMP in the BIOS and everything works.

As for the 4th generation storage the benefits are mostly on paper, in any case the Yours that seems to support 4th generation even in the most optimistic situation according to the manufacturer's statement reaches the maximum speed that even 3rd generation copes with without a problem.


My recommendation is to stay with 10600k and maybe upgrade the board a bit to something a little more successful.

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What's the problem with the board? And which board would you recommend?


As for the processor, at least at the formal level in the specification of the boards it is clearly stated that i5 generation 10 supports a maximum of 2600 and that only generation 11 supports 3200.


What is XMP?


And as for storage it is still possible that with a 10th generation that does not support 4th generation the speed will be even lower right? Maybe with 3rd generation this storage does not reach the maximum speed. I really have no idea do not understand this ..



Edited By dkaro
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Well I read a bit online on the subject of motherboard and heat, and indeed I will give up the motherboard I was thinking of and go for one of MSI B560M PRO-VDH WiFi or Gigabyte B560M PRO AX. What do you think between them? (Weighting the price when the first is cheaper)


And with one of the two would it no longer be a "waste" to switch to the 11th generation?



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God-Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO is not really an improvement except maybe the fact that it has an extra fan but you can add a fan to 212 as well.

If you stay with the 10600k I think it will be fine, with the 11700K you will probably reach very high temperatures, for it you will need one of the big NOCTUA 14/15 models, be quiet! Dark Rock or Water 240+

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