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Consultation regarding 24/27 screen for combined use work and games priority 4K


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The goal is to connect my 4-year-old laptop that includes a Geforce 1050 card that on paper is supposed to support resolutions . Just make sure with who knows - can you trust it?

For work (mostly office that does not require high graphics) and some games (Pippa, 3d shooters - not online)


I saw this screen that suits my needs and is relatively affordable:


I do not have a video card So I will not enjoy what But I guess there will be no harm from that.

I would love an opinion, especially from someone who bought this screen.

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You can count on it to work on In office work however you should make sure you have an HDMI 2.0 port or other displayport will be limited to 30 Hz only. Of course when it comes to games the card will not be able to give performance even close to reasonable in, You will need to lower the FHD resolution in fairly low settings to get a reasonable refresh rate.


About In fact, it can now be used with mobile cards, although many times it is limited to the displayport connection only.



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Thanks a lot first of all!

I have meanwhile purchased the screen in question.

I only have a USB C port and I already had a small USB C adapter for HDMI to which I connected the HDMI cable that came with the monitor (and not my old one that might not support?) And I have a resolution For offices and movies . However I have a feeling there might be some smearing.

By the way, I have 2 . Even the simplest which is Intel630 used for Windows supports (!) However the refresh rate is indeed 30.

Do not know how to check the refresh rate during a game then e 1050 is the active card. ?


Is it possible to improve the refresh rate issue with a more suitable cable? I may purchase a direct (without adapter) dedicated cable from C to Display Port?


As for frame performance per second it is quite clear to me, there are no expectations to work with 4K in cops. But yes in Civilization VI which is currently working in 4K on the But I also have a feeling of smearing or slowness in movement.



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What model of mobile?
Adapter from USB C to displayport or hdmi 2.0 (keep in mind the 2.0, standard hdmi is 1.4) should support 60Hz. If you are buying an adapter check that it is explicitly written that there is such support.


For games it works a bit differently, as long as you do not turn on gsync / freesync the screen itself will continue to work at 30hz / 60hz but the rate at which the graphics processor will be able to draw the images and update them is lower. In most games there is a way to display the current FPS on the screen (which constantly changes according to the load on the graphics processor) and also through the driver of Noidia it is also possible to display it:’s-fps-frames-per-second/ 

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Thanks again for the explanation and professionalism!

This model:

Yoga 720-15IKB Laptop (ideapad) - Type 80X7


It is possible to know if my current adapter from -C L Does it support 2.0? There is no label on it ... I bought it before and I have no packaging.

Also could it be that the laptop itself does not support the 60HZ frequency resolution No matter which cable I purchase?

If there is diagnostic software that knows how to test it is also excellent.


I'm less bothered by the FPS because it's clear to me that I will not get good performance in 4K but yes it does matter to me a refresh rate of 60HZ.

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You have a usb port c which is , Should not be a problem to support 60HZ frequency at 4k resolution. From a web search other people with the same model say it works for them.


If you do not know exactly which adapter you have then really chances are 1.4 especially if it's something purchased a few years ago. Even today you have to be careful and most of the coordinators do not support it.

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  • 3 weeks later ...

Status update,

The adapter does support At 60HZ, I found this in the link of where I bought:


 The Intel630 onboard board does not support so it was 30HZ, apparently does not support according to searches I did.

I canceled the Onboard ticket and now with the 1050 receives 64HZ b About .

Disadvantage: It drains the battery quickly.



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