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How to connect USB3 from motherboard to front panel without compromising performance?


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When I connect my backup disk (with a USB3 connection) to the front panel I reach a speed of about 30 MB / second, but when it is connected behind the computer to a USB3 connection on the motherboard I reach a speed of about 60-100 MB / second. I understand this is a problem due to the length of the wire, is there a solution to this?


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I mean there is Where the front ports are all USB3, or all USB2 or some like that and some like that. Externally they look the same, but inside the USB2 port pass fewer wires, and it can not provide USB3 speed.


It's best to photograph the connector (the side that connects to the motherboard) as you planned. Also, make sure it is securely connected. In my experience, sometimes these connectors (especially in older cases) tend to be a bit loose, and if there is no good contact with the pins of the USB3, it can also cause the port to drop to USB2 speed.

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I understand, I tried to connect to USB2 and not to 3 ...😏



DA, I have a 4-5 year old ANTECK case. Is it possible to replace the two USB2 sockets in the panel with USB3 sockets? I do not think I will need more than four sockets up front at a given time and the current two are not really enough.



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No, it also depends not only on the case but also on the motherboard which usually will not have more than one or two headers on it, if you give the board model we can check.

You can buy a PCIE card that will give you more ports on the back and plug in a hub that you can put wherever you want if the back connections are not convenient for you, you can also use the existing back connections with a simple extension cable.

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Assuming that each pair of ports in the chassis is connected together to the same cable, you may be able to find the same part of a pair of ports for USB3, disassemble the pair of USB2 ports, and put the USB3 in their place. This is on the assumption that they connect with a thread and are not built as an integral part of the case.

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