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Sticky Technical Support - Guides, Featured Posts and Useful Links

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1stcowgirl - 18 for February 2012

NVIDIA card holders? You'll want to know about this: Bad Drivers? (A question mark that NVIDIA does not really admit)

If you also have an NVIDIA video card, and if you're also updating it in the latest drivers,

So you better check yourself.

For over 5 months, NVIDIA users around the globe have been frustrated, angry and angry.

Users report a lot of malfunctions due to unstable drivers.

For several months now (since the 280 series of drivers have come out), people all over the world have been experiencing various mishaps.

And it's all about the communication of the components on the computer and ultimately everything drains into the NVIDIA drivers.

In the first 2 months NVIDIA shirked responsibility and claimed that the problem we had was users, and it increased to make and ask users to send her their video card so that she could recover the bugs complained about by the surfers (she asked for the video card because she claimed she could not recover the same bugs that surfers complained about) .)

(Between us ... the very request sounds strange)

After nearly three full months NVIDIA (which to date has not admitted to being wrong or claimed to be responsible) has started to open clusters on common faults such as the TDRS or BSOD (blue screens ... yes, yes at WIN7)

LOCKUPS for their miniatures (where the computers freeze during the BOOT and POST) or the ARTIFACTs (I call them wounds in the display) ... and much more.

NVIDIA did not seem to find itself and stammered when it came to drivers.

The majority of the casualties were the GTX400 and GTX500 series owners, especially the tumultuous owners such as Ti - OC - SOC, etc., but the faults did not skip other series of tickets.

Users reported crazy temperatures and various crashes.

Every now and then one of the users claimed that he solved some of the problems and showed how he did it, some users announced that they had done so and they were happy that "everything is working properly"

But in less than 24 hours we saw again how they return to the disgruntled and furious forum and tell that the problem has not been resolved.

One user wrote: "Nvidia can costumers start RMA there 560TI because of problems with these cards?"

For all members with NVIDIA technology cards:

As of today, any problem you have on a computer that you can not solve or decode, (or you have solved and the problem is not solved) .....

Go to the NVIDIA forum and check your card ... (and only to make an illusion that the problem is not really due to the terrible and unstable drivers NVIDIA has shipped us in the past few months)!

If you are experiencing problems, it is recommended to install an older driver and preferably a driver from its version 270 and below, and very important: remove the current driver completely and be sure that there are no remains left.

I have an 460 card that was purchased a few months ago, the first driver I installed was 3 and then I tried 280.26. I also tried the BETA but unsuccessfully, the display crashed and games like BF285.62 were unbearable!

I tried to remove the drivers and return to 275.33 but the problems were not solved. In a moment of frustration and amazement, I decided to reformat the computer again and perform a clean installation of the device and all the drivers.

Only after formatting and installing the 275.33 driver the computer worked as it had to work!

I decided not to install any newer drivers but only after testing NVIDIA's firmware and reading about drivers' FEEDBACKS.

About a week ago, NVIDIA released its latest beta, 295.51, I felt I had to try it because there was no point in keeping a computer like mine with older drivers.

Happily, 295.51 turned out to be an excellent savior!

Since I installed it (about 5-6 days or so) I have not experienced any failure / crash / blurring or even locking.

Users reported a high temperature problem and severe memory leakage when working with video and players. I personally checked some of the complaints on my computer and to my great surprise I did not run into any of the serious problems that I chose to check.

In conclusion:

If it is important for you to check your computer then you should know what is happening on this subject.

Here are 2 tips:

Also go to the NVIDIA forum and look for your graphics card,

Check temperatures and memory usage in daily stress tests such as playing a game or movie or even software such as OFFICE.



The Forum for Drivers:

GeForce GTX & ION Drivers

The Series:


[Edit] 19 / 02 / 2012

Unfortunately last night I experienced the leakage of memory with the driver 295.51.

While the movie played with the memory of a leaf, when it reached 600,000, the film was stuck (happened in most players with all sorts of files)

disappointing.....! - except for this problem the driver was perfect (almost no)

Back to 275.33

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