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New Firefox extension - English only AdressBar


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It always annoyed me that I come to the address bar of the browser and start typing the address, press enter and it turns out that I typed everything in Hebrew and then I get some Google search page that probably does not find anything.

(Suppose I tried to enter the jig I typed '' ' this).

In short, I was tired of the phenomenon and decided to put an end to it.

The following plugin converts the Hebrew letters into English when pressing Enter (this of course only happens in AdressBar)

Download the text file.

Change its extension to xpi, drag it to Firefox and install as usual.

The plugin is based on a plugin made by a Russian in 2003 so it should work fine but still if there are any issues or suggestions I would love to hear

[attachment deleted by admin]

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What a beauty! It is very useful. Thank you.

Just one problem, I installed the plugin, and it created me another Go square on the right side of the address bar.

How do I remove it?


Ummm you can lower the main Go button but that's really not a solution

By tomorrow I will fix it

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Okay, fixed the Go issue, but created new issues.

Every time I write an address that has a dot. Ask for virtually all the addresses, the dot becomes / when I press Enter.

And something else, say for example I start typing hwzone (without www) in the address window, and opens down the window with the addresses I have already entered, and I choose there To shorten the process, the selection becomes a keyword: httpqqwww, meaning a search in.

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Lol we will think about it :)

By the way perfect it is not because the ideal is that as soon as the adressbar gets focus the language will automatically switch to English but I have already tried this option and it is more difficult because it already goes out of the browser domains to the operating system domains

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You played it, there was once such a thing called URLFIX and it stopped working in the new versions and I was really looking for such an extension that would work.

Well done : yelclap:

Hope to see more fixes etc, I have not checked yet but I will help with what is needed if there are any problems

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