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Hebrew Hard language - an accelerated "guide" to Hebrew


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Another classic example of the importance of the comma (and the Hunter)

Try to understand something


Just what I wanted to add. No less important than the paragraphs is paragraphs. When you have a lot to say, it is highly recommended to divide things into paragraphs. Not only does the message look much better, it is much easier to read it and understand what you want to say.

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Many also do not put a point at the end of a sentence (required syntactically).

Something else: In Hebrew there are situations in which different letters sound the same. For example: And so forth. Be careful not to get confused, especially when there is a word in which there is such a sequence of letters, such as: forgetting (and not You forgot). Note that the C indicates a higher pitch.

כVery robbery-no secrets.

For this, the method is very simple - it usually comes before the eighth.

DAV, there is also the "shak" - short for when.

People often write only "Sh," I do not know if it's funnier or simply because of ignorance - but it's annoying.

They write:WhenI will go "

And not: "Shall I go"

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More disturbing is the inability to formulate, I will tolerate a number of spelling mistakes as long as I do not see dictated not exactly thought about what he writes.

The problem is that quite a few sentences are recorded in a shocking way, without a subject / subject / subject (and not hard) and fail to formulate a coherent, or at least coherent sentence.

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Another relatively common error,

In the words that appear in ch. Followed by a sound like T, there will always appear T, not T.

Like AzeטSoft, and not slowטI will not join.


In general, I think this is a hallucinatory discussion.

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By the way, each forum has its own "slang." That is to say, words that most of the accused in a particular forum use do not necessarily use them in other forums.

In another forum I was once a member of, everyone was impressed by the word "tree", I have not yet encountered it.

PS I thought "bagel toast" just made a spelling mistake, but I see that DEDDY did it too - you know you registered TURD and THREAD? Or is it on purpose? Such a strange wordplay?


I think I wrote the word TURD with some error but I can not find in the dictionary how to write it right. The intention of course is "shit".

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