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Hebrew Hard language - an accelerated "guide" to Hebrew


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If you work according to the Academy of Language ("Kruchit") your situation is much worse than I thought ..

My situation is much worse than you thought ... : Silly: : Silly:

But I do not follow the Academy of Language :) I do not say a chord (but not a straddle ... what does Trudel have to do with it? It's AT and not something else ...)

But Thrad (and thanks to likantrop for the patch) is still a lagging word ...

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I say - turn off the computer and read some books, it helps with spelling mistakes, less with you dyslexic but then it is no longer your fault.

I never sat down to read a book properly, and I never finished reading a book-I can not.

Still - I have almost no spelling mistakes, and if there are then sometimes very far away.

But reading books is important in my opinion, both books in English and in Hebrew it enriches the vocabulary and much, and also as you wrote helps with spelling errors and level of writing.

You have no idea how much I have learned from the computer, it's true that books are also helpful but from the Internet it has greatly enriched my knowledge and vocabulary, especially from English that I learned most of the language from TV / PC rather than home-school.

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Ken, I do not understand why the sound of time is fixed on you

Just a joke,

There is also another spelling error:

All / all, not saying all / everything, but saying "all / all".

Am I right, or not?

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You mentioned many common mistakes here, but you missed one of the most common mistakes - in command D;

Things like:

Futuristic: React imperative: Back

Future: Read the commandment: Read

Future: Write a command: Write

But on the other hand 99% of people (including me) write \ talk with mistakes in command so it's not really a principle;

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