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Hebrew Hard language - an accelerated "guide" to Hebrew


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It's nice to see that there are still people who care about their Hebrew and that they are not my language teacher.

I must note that sometimes I even failed (deliberately) in bad Hebrew so that the other side will understand better what I meant.

Another thing that Dee is annoying is that people add all kinds of smilies at the end of every second sentence.

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And something else is annoying ...

Excessive use of words (mostly in Hebrew), with the Hebrew equivalent of the word almost always shorter and more concave.

For example:

I felt a little ambivalent when the situation became less coherent.

I felt a little ambivalent when the situation began to become less clear.

There is a beautiful and concise language called Hebrew; is not that a loss?

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It's annoying that you learn in high school, and instead of dealing with the mistakes that everyone makes, they also deal with teaching me what is a Nala section, and what is a cutout?

not interesting!

I do not care what root it is!

By the way - the person who wrote here that "telephoned" as a word in the command is a mistake, I think that's really the right way to say. Call this really instead of communicating

And one last little thing - the RK must be happy to the point that his cathode lasts 5 years ago

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Hebrew is a difficult language - with your permission I wake up a bit of the discussion because now great freedom and the bulldozers make my eyes hurt again.

Computer specifications - You have somehow turned the symbol K into a shekel. "I need an upgrade to 1500K", "Oh, until 1500K it will be very difficult."

For those who forgot - K = kilo = thousand. 3000K are 3 million New Israeli Shekels.

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I will not be surprised if someone comes along with such a budget ...

In any case, a good opportunity to discuss the almost common mistake I encounter, and it just annoys me:

hay. and- SHT gone The same, and should not be used as an equivalent.

Placedת- spoiled, degenerate, borrowed - immoral, dishonest.

Swimט- who killed him for eating, on loan - who was murdered violently.

So no, the corruptטYam does not sit in the Knesset, and Bialik did not write "on the armpitת"So stop cuttingת The Hebrew language! You really doטSea her!

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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

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