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Hebrew Hard language - an accelerated "guide" to Hebrew


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Recently, I have also come across a few times with the word "storage" instead of "storage".

Storage = Storage.

Accommodation = hostel.

One may perhaps use the word "hosting" to describe "hosting" sites for example, but in no way can it be used to describe Private information.

What's more, using the word hosting when you can simply use the word hosting will only create unnecessary confusion.

As far as I am concerned, it is possible and desirable to delete the word "hostel" from the dictionary in question.

Is this your guide to Hebrew?

Whether or not, you laugh

Is this what language is based on?

You have only two posts in the forum so I guess you have no idea how many mistakes are made in the forum with "with" and "if".

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What you describe is a private case of adding God after each punctuated syllable at the end of a word. Like a second body in the past. I see a lot of people writing, "Say, go."

Although in this case it is a double mistake, because in the "high" the Lord is not dotted. The score refers to the syllable in front of her. Need to say GAVOAH and not GAVOHA. Almost no one is accurate about it.


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One of the things that bother me is notifying closeness. The sumk receives the word of the Lord and not the one who approves it. This is the way to say slippers and not slippers.

True, but it is also a function of definition.

Logically you can define the object as an "X" variable and then use it as a constant.

As a combination of words within a sentence should be said video card.

And as a regular term, the "video card" should be said.

It's all a question of definition.

German, for example, is a language used to invent very long words that consist of a few words.

Which is done in other languages ​​(although not as much as in German) and is called in English: Compound words.

Thus, German has words like:









And how can it be without rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz Famous.

(This word is so long that the forum engine itself can no longer cut it)

And many many more !!!! others...

You know what, from now on I'll start creating compound words in Hebrew as well.

Graphics Card.

Processor cores.


UPYOURS Eliezer Ben Yehuda.

: flipa:

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I wonder if it's joking?

Anyway, I'm in favor of this cluster

Some are stronger in Hebrew and English are weaker,

For example.

And I am so surprised to know that in English you start to ring it to go off because the logic says that if something is activated for example running a clock so that it rings then it should be

to go on, because I'm used to electrical appliances on it.


And we will return to the Hebrew language

For those who do not know, I write here for everyone's benefit

This male tongue

Female tongue is these

A future male will compete

A female tongue will compete

I very much liked the program of Professor Avshalom Kor's time for tongue.

But until now I have not been able to understand how in Hebrew understanding of someone who is not a Sardine expert is Trit?


Say I ask the grocer, excuse me, do you have a box of freshness?

How would the seller be sure I meant a sardine box and not a box of melted cheese for the triangular triangles?

This is a good question that I have no answer to.

And I have another important question, that I'm putting a link here. How do I do that the other things I write here do not go into the link?


Who else wants to participate here?

I hope there is no problem with this link.


Or at least write down here how in his opinion should say a bus driver in one word and who knows maybe this word yes will enter the language of contemporary Hebrew.

And by the way for those who do not know In Hebrew it is a network.

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