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The Jericho missile - how is it compared to other missiles?


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She was not involved in it, and if so, I would be happy if she would renew me and give me a link:)

I knew that sometime it would be HANDY

And a few more moldings,2360,646,2517,961

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Odd Boying company is not mentioned at all is not written how Budget assistant / scientists / just considered inside thing

Meantime, the US Air Force is working on an airborne

laser designed to stop medium-range ballistic missiles

shortly after they are launched. But that far more

powerful and complex laser is not scheduled to be

ready to deploy for another seven years.

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PYRO MAN Have you ever read the whole discussion ?!

Whatever your family meant and you say, they've already said a few pages back.

This is the total of the Nautilus system, which Israel began to develop with the United States against the Katyushas in the north. At the moment there is a stationary trial version, and we are trying to develop a small, mobile version. The problem is in the reduction technology, that some components make it difficult to reduce their weight and size and put them in the truck, as in pictures on your links.

Because of that, it is only another two years that we will be able to see a normal prototype.

All the links you brought talk about what was known in 2000-2001, 5 years back. Forget about this system for now.

In general, the most complete information is found in the link that was brought here in the previous reference to the system, a few pages back:

And anyway, let's stick to Israeli weapons only. This airborne laser has nothing to do with it

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About 150 people knew, I guess : cool2:

But what's the matter? If you are aiming for this "discovery" it is indeed interesting, but it is not really someone's ass. either way Has never confirmed nor denied any detail about its nuclear program. You can relate to this ambivalently.

On the one hand, everything will be correct in the video, and on the other hand, everything will be a lie.

Ambivalent - Two-sided

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