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Stun Gun


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Indeed, it depends on the impres- sion, enough 7 milliamps that pass through an adult's heart to cause severe arrhythmias that will most likely end in death.

You can pass a few volts that you want through people, but as long as the ampere is lower than the 7 milliampar it will just stun it.

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How much amps does an electric shocker have?

I do not think that the ampere of the electric shockers plays a role in the different models, since it is probably quite low, since it is not lethal in essence.

The difference is in the Waltage.

Assuming that the ampere is the same and low (it is a rechargeable battery), then what is the effect of 100KV, 150KV, 200KV, 500KV?

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Oh this is one of the horse sites Thank you for bringing this brother, I completely forgot from this site

They explain there really well, they assume you were born yesterday and every explanation there is detailed to Allah.

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They explain how different types of electric shockers work. But, I already know this, so the site did not renew me much.

What interests me is the effect of electric shockers with different voltages.

By the way, electric shockers have an amperage of 1-4 milliamperes (usually 3 milliamps).

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Read to the end:

These two devices differ mainly in voltage. The voltage in a stun gun is high enough to dump electricity into the entire body. The lower voltage in a cattle prod only shocks someone at the point of contact


They give you direction, use it, read it, get a little interested. Do you expect us to give you the answer by spoon to mouth?

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I read it, but they did not relate to a specific Waltag.

As far as I can see, 200,000V is enough to stun an adult. Of course, the lower the Vltage, the less impact. But, my question is what is the minimum voltage of electric shockers needed to stun an adult, and not just to hurt.

There are electric shockers of 50KV, 100KV, 150KV, 200KV, 500KV.

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I remember that my hand touched an electrical socket here in the US and only said in my sleep, "I'm just you" and that's it and I fell asleep

But the truth is, I have no idea what to do

But I found some great stuff in the wiki

Stun Gun -


Electrocution -


Electric Power -


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