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Stun Gun


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

You do not understand, can be a hooker with 50 Volt but with an 50 amps that kills a person in a second ...

A dead person from a blow of 25 mILLAMPHER.

It's all a combination of voltage and current.

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You do not understand, can be a hooker with 50 Volt but with an 50 amps that kills a person in a second ...

I'm talking about ordinary electric shockers that are not lethal. They have only 1-4 milliamps.

It seems to me that he has a hooker and he wants to use it on someone but is afraid to kill him lol

I do not have a shaker. I'm interested in it scientifically. Here is a forum And technology, is not it?

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Since the voltage in our network is constant (220 volts) then the current that will pass through you if you touch the power grid depends on 2 things

1 You need to close a circle so that the stream will close (wet feet on the floor is a great way) If you do not close a circle then it will be 0

2 The current that passes through you is now determined by Ohm's law

Ie voltage = double current and electrical resistance

The voltage is constant and equal to 220 volts

The resistance of your body does vary from state to state (body temperature, if you sweat, etc.) but basically it is permanent, I do not remember the number that is equal but it varies from person to person

So the current that passes through you depends on the resistance of your body - some people will die from electrocution in a stress line in the home and some people do not ... The current that guides you is as it says here individual milliampers

Therefore, the voltage in the US is 110 Volt so that the chances of dying from electric shock will decrease (but the losses in the line will increase as a result)

The current on the home network can reach dozens of amperes, usually this 60 ampere to three phase

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I think there are slaps between things that were said here and what I think as a first year electronics student

In order for the current to reach the heart, it must undergo resistance (it must pass through the body until it reaches the heart and it reduces the amperes)

And something else that the electronics teacher told me - Barak can kill people because of the amperes that he has, not because of the Wallets in it -

This is not contrary to what is written in the forum.

For those who said that he was electrocuted, it seems that you had very high resistance because 20-60 amperes (not milliampers) long ago were supposed to kill you, God forbid

(Assuming that the 7 milliampeter that reaches the heart kills)

Correct me if I'm wrong

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You are wrong

And big ...

If the voltage is constant then the only thing that determines the current (assuming it is not limited by the home network) is the resistance of the component connected to the voltage

If you connect a thin wire from conductive material, it will have a relatively high electrical resistance (very thin metal wire for that matter), it will be very hot because it will undergo high current

If you attach a thick wire from a conductive material it will have relatively low electrical resistance (very thick metal wire for that matter) it will not heat up almost at all

Ask your teacher he should know ....... (and if he does not have to be a teacher)

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Not that I want to interfere with you in your institutional programs

But I'll ask my neighbor for you-learn electricity

And from my last conversation with him on the subject (and I do not remember what kind of talk we talked about - something normal)

He explained to me about something that was downloaded and something that is speed that it does hurt and paralyzes (what you need)

In any case, a small Shuker claims that he makes a cripple like the big electricity poles that should not be approached

And another thing, if it's "just" stunned him and he can not keep attacking you is not enough?

What will he let you fall on the floor? If he caused him damage from the fall, he would just cook

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