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Stun Gun


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

FUCK 7 pages on nothing ...

In general, Schoker is basically an oscillator + a transformer that usually has 2-4 in 9V batteries

What happens is that the oscillator moves the current of the batteries to the exchange and transfers to a transformer that raises it to huge voltages like you saw 100 kV - 930 a kilo I saw ..

In any case the concept is uniform - a person will not die from the market for a few milliseconds even in the socket - and I personally received such electrical shocks ..

Now, as you know, batteries end up sometimes, so the current starts up and then goes down ... The goal of this is to restore the heart in a set state for a certain time - if you can hold it long enough the person will die ... just like a heart attack ...

For anyone who wants proof of this - a person who will hold a long enough time to get out 10A most often - the person will just cook in a few seconds

While the 2 may be slightly burned from the contacts

Note - the shoker has proven to be dangerous and can lead to heart problems in the future ... so you have nothing to deal with ...

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As one of the front page responders said, in terms of the amphibian fatalities more than a year.

A shoker might possibly give a voltage of 300KV, but a stream of 0.00001A for example (example).

And the fact that such sellers are legal in some countries ... but the best is pepper gas / foldable ones

Which consists of such springs and not a full metal (because full metal can kill the head).

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