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Mac vs. PC

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Due to the fact that too many threads in the forum are going down to Mac VS Even if it has nothing to do with the original subject, here's the place to talk about it.

You are asked not to open additional discussions on the subject unnecessarily.

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I was always intrigued by all the good stuff on the Mac, how the PC eventually won, and is it true that in the US, for example, Mac is much more popular than anywhere else, and if so, why?

A lot of different reasons

First of all the price issue when the first mack came out is a $ 2500 rose however a PC that was good enough for most people has risen $ 1500 already two years three before it (Sorry I do not have data of PC prices on 84)

The first Mac had no expansion option except memory and it was only up to 512K while PC was able to 640K and ISA cards

When windows came out it also finally made it possible to do on a regular PC what was until then possible only on the right Mac interface was horrible and the crashes looked like it was just on purpose (someone remember general protection fault?) But the price ...

In terms of popularity in the US, I do not know how it compares to the rest of the world, but certainly to the country

First of all You will not believe how many Aimks are hiding there (it's also related to the fact that the computer looks good so you like to put it as part of the design)

In Israel there is the problem of Office, for example, which does not exist for Mac in a Hebrew support version, which is a problem that does not bother the average American, but many potential buyers in Israel will never buy a computer that does not have Office

In the US there are also stores of (I highly recommend you to look at the pictures of the main store in New York and it's amazing and my friends who were there argue that in reality it looks a lot better) and then who's buying Can also play a little with makim and see what he loses

There are more full reasons for this in just a nutshell on both topics but I think it demonstrates them

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The main reason is the reason why Apple closed itself and Microsoft will not be afraid to believe in them at first said it will be open to any manufacturer and hence comes compatible IBM Mac is a computer without any compatibility to other manufacturers and this was his problem that his popularity is not like that of the PC because once Mac had all their own connection (firewire ADC keyboard and mouse connections) Everything was different and only he and authorized manufacturers developed things for him even though today it is not like this and the percentage of Mac users only increases still PC is more popular because any manufacturer could create things for him

And something about the cost price is not so expensive (I do not mean in Israel) but the fact that today you go down to the neighborhood grocery store and buy a computer there in a small 3K with a generic components you know you will not find in the Mac, But for a durable and good computer always worth a brand computer then the prices are pretty much the same (HP DELL and so')


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Apple shut themselves off to take full control of what goes on their computers, because of that Mac OSX is so perfect relative to Windows.

It is perfect because it is adapted to certain hardware but it will always be better, because of the desire to invest and invention in Apple, if you pay attention to most of the things that have been taken from the Tiger

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I think the phrase "Mac is more expensive than PC" is not at all true. The Mac is simply sold at a processor speed standard and much higher memory.

Once I entered a very serious site of an American computer company that sells PC computers of various types to domestic and professional customers. This site allows the client to assemble his computer specifications and see what price is coming out. I tried to put together a computer that would be as much like one of the G5 models in its data (PowerPC computers need to multiply the transition speed by approximately 1.6 to achieve similar performance in a PC processor for some reason). I got an expensive 25% computer from the G5 on the site And you get with him Much less successful.

This teaches that it is important to take into account not only the price itself but mainly the quality-price ratio.

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