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The article with the most backward title in the world


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Have you ever read the article?

If not, I'll summarize this to you:

A 10-year-old from Yavne, The sufferer is hypersensitive to milk, Collapsed Friday after eating a cookie at his home, which was apparently in it Milk ingredients. The child, whose condition was severely defined, was evacuated by an intensive care unit to Kaplan Hospital on the streets.
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'' A kid allergic to milk ate a cookie and collapsed ''

What sane person would write a story about a kid who ate a cookie and didn't feel good after that? I also have a lot going on that hurts my stomach after I eat peas, oh and ...?

The day you arrive unconscious and with brain damage, you might also get an article : screwy:

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He probably only read the headline and saw sensitivity to milk and cookies and did not work out for him ....

This is how you jump at the top: -X.

The question is whether these cookies are listed as having milk or not.

Anyway holding his fingers, sad to get to such a state at such an age and more because of a cookie?! ?? : '(

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One man there wrote that milk is very harmful..

Lol - nonsense ... how am I still alive?

I drink about a liter + milk a day (calcium) and I am healthy (tofu tofu) like a bull.

I drink milk because it is healthy !!!

You don't drink milk You drink a lot of water and a lot of milk.

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