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I got the WII!


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No customs and no VAT :)

Someone brought it to you from abroad or it came with delivery.

If it arrived in the shipment then how is it that you have not paid for customs and VAT?

If you did some kind of combo I'd love to know what you did because I'm also planning to bring one from abroad.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

WII has service free

That you can play Multiplayer for free / surf the web (if Opera to WII) \ and get rid of games and add-ons for games

But it's basic service

And online multiplayer games will probably only go deeper into 2007

In any case do not expect to LIVE but it is free at least as opposed to LIVE

And enough for the players not heavy

I actually heard that surfing at the Opera would need money in the future.

So what is it worth?

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Oh Cool.

Surfing the internet, multiplayer for free with friends from all over the world. (MARIO KART : smile1:), Good and nice games, new control all at 250 $

Actually this is an alternative proposal for me. I think I'll buy the Wii or the PS3 during the summer vacation. I will already decide that I will get to the 8 bridge)

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In my opinion if you buy WII repaired after Christmas

At the moment it's hard to get a console and Christmas will not help you

After Christmas the market should be much calmer

And then I think it will be easier to get an instrument

By the way, according to one of the WII estimates, it has already passed the million and a half (global)

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Friends I promise Soon ... Patience


I still have a question about the WII.

Does he have an external transformer? If so then can you check on what voltage it is running?

And another little thing

What about the pictures she promised?

He works at 110 ... I need a simple stepdown at 50 weighed

Hoy in action uses 17w which is nothing ... The stepdown at 50 shekel makes up to 100w

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17 Watt ...? Sounds strange, check well and pity that something will go because of stinginess on the more powerful transformer

It's hard not to trust me


- In Standby Mode: 10w

- Idle @ Wii menu: 17w

- Running a Wii Game (Test with Zelda / Trauma Center) in 480i: 17w

37 "Sharp Aquos LCD TV:

- In Standby Mode: 40w

- Turned on: 180w


- In Standby Mode: 2w

- Idle @ Dashboard: ~ 140w

- Running a Game: ~ 160w

- Playing a DVD: ~ 110w

a question :

Drive it Regular ?


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