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xbox vs. ps3


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I'm talking from experience with the console.

Did you decide it was bad by what?

Reading articles and reciting the opinions of others? Or did you sit and play with it in several games for a few hours?

Because you have already sentenced him.

Games that have not been developed for PS3 but have been released sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) look better in XBOX (counter example - there is the OBLIVION, which runs better on PS3)

Games written for PS3 look amazing runners (try playing in the blood of NINJA GAIDEN - a game no less amazing)

The way I see it, there are disadvantages and advantages to each of the consoles, and not a crushing victory for one of them, especially not with the exteriors of living in Israel.

The WII has taken this issue primarily as a peripheral concept of the console aimed at other places in terms of innovation and perception of games.

What's more, one advantage is that there is no RUMBLE (that's funny, you just do not notice it's missing, and MDA start adding RUMBLE again, and you can play with a PS2 remote).


I just saw a comparison video between 360 and PS3 in XBOX and where 360 was 10-12FPS to PS3 was about 5 .. I can bring the bit if you want ...

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Um does not seem to matter so much ...

Notice that you quoted a post from 28.6.07 (damn just how I finished twelfth .. The 9 these months flew :()

Interestingly I did not know of XBOX360 / PS3 has options Such ....

Is it possible to play content from a computer without moving it to the console's drive?

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N silent, I said at some point that Xbox could not do that either? Not even for a second.

The second thing - obviously there is no problem displaying this on the computer, the question is why see on the 22 screen "at best a computer with a chair compared to 42" inch in the living room on a couch?

In connection with hard disk space - some simulations, installations of games, movie mouth, promo in HD name - you finish 60 Giga.

On 20 I'm not even talking, but it's just me.

Massive - God forbid, since when did you spend this? What's more, they went out of the game here and there, too, to say that the two versions are not the same, when on the day the game was released to PS3 before the patch came out a month later - it ran better and showed a little better (mostly distance) and before you came and showed me This with all sorts of videos without full And the ex-box with the patches, let go-a silly argument.

In short - play the computer version :)

SUM As I wrote there are a few ways: to do streaming (broadcast through the network from the computer in real time), use DOK or USB external hard disk


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- Once again, where I purchase there is no 40, only 60 or 80 so I go for the 60. Today I will know if this is PAL or NTSC (regarding whether there is Back support or emulation).

LEVYO - Assuming your computer is connected to a wireless network to PS3 - STREAMING can also be done for HD videos encoded in H264, I'm talking about Of 8-12 GIGA? Does the wireless network stand on it and the console knows how to digest these formats? Assuming the answer is positive, why save content such as And series on the disk of the console or on an external disk? Why not keep your computer and when necessary (watching a movie / series) to perform STREAMING?

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You can do STREAMING to any file type that your computer can decode.

With regard to bandwidth, it can be a limitation because I do not know how much it transmits.

In general, all data STREAM up to 2 / s per second is supposed to go without a problem - for proportions - this will apply an hour in the 10 Giga file, but again - this is all dry data and descriptors and needs testing.

Why keep an external disk? Configuration My home for security separates the wireless network from the home network.

The computer is connected to the router on the cable In the living room, the PS3 and the WII are connected to WIFI so that's one reason, and the second reason I'm more comfortable is because sometimes I play on the computer or it's turned off and I do not want to mess around with it - the living room is A. The computer is B.


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