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xbox vs. ps3


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I'm talking from experience with the console.

Did you decide it was bad by what?

Reading articles and reciting the opinions of others? Or did you sit and play with it in several games for a few hours?

Because you have already sentenced him.

Games that have not been developed for PS3 but have been released sometimes (emphasis on sometimes) look better in XBOX (counter example - there is the OBLIVION, which runs better on PS3)

Games written for PS3 look amazing runners (try playing in the blood of NINJA GAIDEN - a game no less amazing)

The way I see it, there are disadvantages and advantages to each of the consoles, and not a crushing victory for one of them, especially not with the exteriors of living in Israel.

The WII has taken this issue primarily as a peripheral concept of the console aimed at other places in terms of innovation and perception of games.

What's more, one advantage is that there is no RUMBLE (that's funny, you just do not notice it's missing, and MDA start adding RUMBLE again, and you can play with a PS2 remote).


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You do not have to experiment with something to make the right choice!

As for the graphics, so far the 360 games are displaying better graphics than the PS3 (I did not set), I'm not saying that in all of them, but mostly.

And even if it changes in the future, it will not happen in a significant way, so it does not affect me, except that the difference in graphic performance does not really matter to me personally ...

360 has a lot more games and better games, as opposed to the PS3 shortage.

The LIVE is much better.

The console itself is cheaper, the sign is much but much more convenient! In addition to the vibration much more useful than the sensitivity to movement (at least for me).

In short, if you did not have the warming problem, I would have bought 360 long ago, but I would rather wait for the end of the year for the new version than to buy PS3 (which even has nothing to think about because there is no hacking)

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The PS3 has the potential for much more powerful games

It has more powerful fans (for me) like Ratchet & Clank, GT, DRAGON QUEST, NINJA GAIDEN and other games that go out to the 2 consoles.

The graphics on the ports are sometimes better on XBOX and it also starts to change (see DARKNESS entry), the multiplayer is free and there are no problems with regions, and still They did not say the last word in Multiplyer (wait for the home to come out - and it will be free).

The console in the country - if you go for one without warranty importer costs almost the same price as the XBOX (which is a piece of absurd)

The sign is no more convenient - but it is a matter of opinion (and again - not holding one in the hand even, I held them both for several hours)

My opinion on the vibration I wrote.

There is no problem of warming or reliability and if you want to have an official importer responsibility! (Mine is very important and worth the extra 500 NIS which is the total actual difference)

I do not care whether you will be a burglar or not - it's not a factor in buying the console (not all life is to say I left a man - I screwed up the system, I saved at the expense of people who develop games I love and knocked the company that invested money in the manufacture of the console), but again It 's just me.

It's not black and white.


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DRAGON QUEST is currently exclusive to Nintendo consoles

Sony currently has a franchise for the main story of Finale Fantasy

But Dragon Quest games are coming out in this generation for DS and WII rather than PS3

In the matter of credibility you are absolutely right

PS3 has a lot of potential in the future but is currently far from cooking

Only at 2008 Square will Enix begin to spend games and many of the good games will come out late

And his future is pretty vague

Maybe in 2008 they will succeed in raising them, and perhaps the PS3 will become the neo-geo of this generation

At the moment it is very difficult to know

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The future PS3 games (exclusive) have been featured on the Live console for very specific people

It is so beautiful that it will make you cry ...

You have no idea how much power this console has ... All you need is a good 1 game for PS3 and you'll see how the rest of them (both the keys and the players)


If I'm not mistaken the multitask in 360 is not free ....


And the sensitivity to movement-> so far there is no game for WII that does it right .. just not.

The keys are using this function so poorly They are beginning to think that the game did not pass beta testing at all ...


But if you really want a comparison then

LAIR for Pussy



And Mario-Sailing to WII


I'm not saying that 360 is not good, it's excellent!

But it is not the only option

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And the sensitivity to movement-> so far there is no game for WII that does it right .. just not.

The keys are using this function so poorly They are beginning to think that the game did not pass beta testing at all ...

Madden NFL 07 for the Wii is not just a quick-and-dirty port. It's an excellent use of the Wii's motion-sensing capabilities that revitalizes Madden in many ways.
There's a very good chance that you've already played Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube Egypt 2 (or, heaven forbid, the PC). Yet the best games are worth playing through all over again. Not only does RE4 itself remain a heart-pounding thrill ride and a modern classic, but the Remote and Nunchuk controls breathe new life into a game that is still a treat to play, two years after release.

It's from GameSpot and there are many more games like this and more will come out in the future

You should not refer to WII Where his castration would be friendly to families

The capabilities of the sign to be very accurate and less forgiving are the question of what developers want to do

For example, the developers can create a tennis game if the blows are not as accurate as in the real sport the blow will be no

As good as the real sport

But also can make a simple move to hit a ball like in WII for example

This is the real capabilities and it will take time for developers to learn to exploit all the tricks of the sign

Enter a quote

The future PS3 games (exclusive) have been featured on the Live console for very specific people

It is so beautiful that it will make you cry ...

You have no idea how much power this console has ... All you need is a good 1 game for PS3 and you'll see how the rest of them (both the keys and the players)

The main problem today in this PS3 price

If the price was good I think the crowd would buy it but the price is just bad

Neo Geo also had amazing games for his time

And what buried him is the price not the quality of the games

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And the sensitivity to movement-> so far there is no game for WII that does it right .. just not.

The keys are using this function so poorly They are beginning to think that the game did not pass beta testing at all ...

Do you give an opinion from experience?

I have At home and the only game that does not take advantage of the sign so well is some plays in monkey ball which is a pretty bad game but there are some games that are fine. (I would not buy if it was not included in the package).

The games do not have to take advantage of the traffic controller all the time. Each game uses a controller according to what it needs (especially in miniatures). For example, in Rayman's dance game, the signs only look for fast movement from top to bottom and if he does not respond to other movements, it is possible to dance while playing the game without it destroying the score.

They say that in Zelda the source of control of the sword was one to one but they took it down so the game would be easier and less tiring (it's a 31 game until 70 hours and I know someone who finished it at 140 for the most part he went for a walk there).

This is a discussion of the 360 and the PS3. God Milea wins both sales and does not involve her is not a graphics console and hardcore ;) . God In general, it is entering the PS2 segment, which is still a living and breathing console, unlike the Xbox 1 that Microsoft abandoned.

Karkarin: The sign of the Not castrated is quite accurate and tennis of WII SPORT has a test of how much you gave the blow saying that as you progress the level of the game becomes more complex and the sign more accurate.

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What in Israel would I buy a strong computer and that's it?

There are people here who have a great computer probably and certainly the internet for example with a dual core processor of And screen drains X1800GTO2 and a gigabyte or two And if the same one wants a strong computer for games he has to spend a lot of money on a video card and all the rest of this place he can buy the 360 and he will be sure that all the games will work smoothly on it and I'm talking about great games with Ahla Graphics in the world Not to mention that the games on the 360 are completely different from the computer and much more enjoyable (I play on plasma 42 and enjoy every minute and I was still a computer fan).

Not everyone can spend every two years the sum of several thousand shekels on a new computer.

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You can connect a computer to a plasma and buy it an 360 handle

And if you want support games play well in LIVE GOLD

In addition, the specification you said today is considered to be of medium rank

Specify whether a powerful processor + 8800GTS 640 or higher

2 Giga

And a quality sound card will give you a significantly better performance than the 360 ​​and such a specification today costs around 5000-6000

And will hold an estimated amount of time that the 360 already over a year and a half in the market will hold

And you can still use your computer for purposes other than games

And think about it in terms of availability / warranty / prices of indoor games / online multiplayer prices

and so In Israel The PC wins easily

In the sand the 360 costs $ 400 and there is an official warranty and the prices of the games are reasonable

So it's a whole different story

You will be faced with shops in the country giving gray responsibility in case your 360 is screwed

Because there is no official representation and there is sufficient proof that 360 has a serious hardware reliability problem

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360 has a huge advantage of the MP, and I do not happen to what PS3 and L- Multiplayer!

What to do because Microsoft has a "monopoly" on the whole MP thing, because it is the only one with a serious one, so it allows itself to charge it for money.

Everyone speculates very optimistic about the PS3 and And talks about the 360 as if it can not change, if Nintendo will make a serious MP for free, I will not be surprised if MS does not stop the payment.

As for the graphics of the PS3, there will be no significant enough difference between it and the 360 in a year or two. Do not forget that you do not always spend crazy games with graphics that have invested so much in it.

The computer is not connected now, and it is offered too much, 360 can also connect a keyboard and mouse and connect to a small screen, the difference is that the console has the advantage of plug n play, always (!) Will run all the games in the best way How quiet it is for the soul), and he has a lot more good games, so a computer is not better.

And do not try to predict the future, things can change on both sides, do not try to predict what is more convenient for you, do not hang on to it!

The last thing about the difference between the 360 sign and the PS3, I do speak from a lot of time! (I have the 360 remote control on the computer, and for two years I have the PS1 remote control which is the same thing that I used to connect to the computer with a converter, until I bought the 360 remote control. -PS2).

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The main MP of WII and PS3 should appear during 2008 or higher

Not right now

Today the first games like Pokemon / Mario football and such nonsense

What to do for Microsoft was a whole year before you spend games

But that third-party companies will start using built-in hardware for other consoles to connect So also the MP theme online

Will be in competition for the WII to have party games and drop games online

Val and PS3 are beginning to get online games and homelands

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- You've just touched the biggest Xbox problem.

Microsoft's support problem.

In contrast to the PS1 and 2, which had support and new games that took advantage of the console and were impressive until the last day (and from the first day), this is not the case with the previous XBOX, which died after a short period of time.


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