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Abraham Grant is Chelsea's new coach


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Beautiful, climbed fast, kicked Jose and got to fame.

But I don't think he'll stay there for a long time, especially after the comparison made by former Chelsea player Pat Nevin

Avram Grant is going to be as welcome as Camilla at Diana's memorial

Turns out he's not really liked there.


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Even if he flies out of Chelsea, in my opinion, chances are that he has a "Chelsea coach" line to land as a head coach in another small team in the first league in England after sitting a bit at home and an unsuccessful bottom-line coach from the Premier League.

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Fraggers. But it's not like David Blatt say. If now the NBA team announces that it chooses a David Blatt coach it will know that it has won twice in the Euroleague (and had a significant part of it in truth), the Euroleague, the Italian Championship and the European Championship with Russia. What did Grant do that he deserved to coach Chelsea? Won 4 championships in Israel, lost no match As part of one campaign (and did not even cross), there was Portsmouth's technical director and Chelsea's professional manager. Not ticklish in terms of accomplishments from other freelance artists like Jose Heydenck or Erickson. Obviously he was elected to the post because of protections. So he'll have fun, but if he is not strong in the championship picture until January and will not produce very good results in the Champions League and the Cup he will fly.

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