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Bored and bruised by the performance of Crysis, I'm trying to make OC 8800GTS for the first time


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

I guess it's all about HIGH?

Where are you with the GTX and where is the GTS.

Have you seen my results in 1280x1024?

I'm not there on 1680X1050, but on 1280x1024 or even less.

To be honest, downloading the shadows to the medium probably adds another 12 FPS (but I did not check with the Bunch)

And for your last sentence ... that my wife will not hear you : Silly:

: Lol:

I do not think my wife has yet surpassed that I replaced the board and processor ....: -X :P: Lol:

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I did OC for a video card and it goes up by some 5 FPS so forget it, there is no Hockey Fox, want it to run smooth ?? Buy another video card like you have and then play SLI and then it will run smoothly.

They just lied and told stories. The main thing they wrote down:

Recommended System Requirements

Windows XP Vista

Processor Intel Core 2 DUO @ 2.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400

Memory 2.0 GB RAM

But by the full GPU acceleration tech 8800 GTS / 640 or similar

I get 22 FPS on my computer on HIGH settings on a 1600X1200 screen and it's really not fun to play like that !!!

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It does not make sense at all the whole thing ...

However, this is a problem in game S:

How can it be that a system like xVertigo's running it at 30 FPS? Obviously the programming of the game is flawed or something.

And if not and that's how they planned it then it's awfully smelly that after half a year / less we bought a computer with the best of our money and after a few months it's not able to run the new games well.

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Listen, I can not speculate how many FPS multi-core support has increased performance,

But such support not only will allow the load to be dropped on the rest of the cores, it will also release the bottleneck that it causes to the graphics card.

So we should see improvements both in terms of the processor and the graphics card that was unable to show its true potential.

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So someone who has a dual processor Will also do the test because I do not know to do ..

And suppose it will support how much it will already improve the FPS How much will it give us another 7-8 FPS?

Even in double My situation is similar ...

(Which is why OC CPU gives so much extra ... you should not run this game with One .. madness)

And 7-8 is a very big addition

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