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Bored and bruised by the performance of Crysis, I'm trying to make OC 8800GTS for the first time


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Well my conclusion from all the mess:

They have not yet released the requirements to play at very high \ high performance and I think they will post that for this people will need 8800GTX q6600

Funny you say that, because even then it would be a lie.

It works poorly for me (see specification).

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

I've been trying to do OC for 600 \ 900 for a second and it moves smoothly on HIGH (something like 30 + FPS), but only when there are people full it goes down to something like 15-20 but it hardly ever happens.

And in Vista it is on HIGH moving on 16FPS, which is still in busy situations : screwy:

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It consists of polygons just like the sand, rocks and every other bone in the game.

But people expect that when there is only vegetation and FPS trees will not fall because it is static.

The problem with Chrysis is that the vegetation is not static.

The leaves and branches move (or I dream ...)

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I read on one site before expressing and everything came out that the ultimate system requirements for this game require 8800GTS, but it was written that for "running" the game it is necessary, but it is advisable to wait for 9800GTS / GTX.

That's exactly how it was written.

I guess they will bring better performance in the game.

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It is a pity that those who bought the "old" version of their tickets at full price were screwed.

I admit to myself that I was not tempted to buy the GTS640, just a waste of money that doesn't pay off, and now you can see it.

I'm just really sorry that I forgot about my original plan that was to buy a computer with an OB video card or just one mop, sit on the fence for a few months and see what these cards really are worth.

And only then buy a ticket according to what's happening in the market.

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But even people who have 2900XT do not work them well.

I think it's a big trick and problem between Creitek and the manufacturers of the tickets. Apparently there's one big salad there, but what's certain is that the problems stem from Pac cards ... because it's not logical that there's a game that comes out and there's almost no computer specification that can hold it. Delirious and ridiculous.

And thanks to that Heath I waited and still waiting for GT 512

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