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Guidelines for writing messages in a programming language forum


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In order to make it easier to help you, follow these guidelines when you ask for help in solving problems in the forum:

1. The title should include the language in which you write, and the problematic subject.

Example of a good title: "A problem with the exercise in recursion in C".

Example of a bad headline: "Problem with exercise".

2. Specify if the problem is during compiling (ie the program can not run) or at run time (the program runs but gets stuck, flies or does not perform the required action).

3. Include the relevant code snippet. The code must be entered using the "Insert code" button above (# shaped button), so that it is displayed in a convenient way. If this is a particularly long code, it is recommended that you upload it in a text or zip file. It is also necessary to specify the purpose of the program, in order to facilitate the reading of the code.

4. Please specify the error accurately. In the event of a compilation error, the compiler's error message must be accurately cited. In the case of a runtime error, you must provide your input to the program, the expected output, and the resulting output (or, alternatively, the exact fault in the case of flying or blasting).

5. If this is an exercise, we recommend that you specify if there are certain limitations (such as prohibiting the use of loops or certain functions).

Important note: The forum does not exist to solve your homework. If you encounter an exercise that you find difficult to solve, do not ask for a solution, but tell how you tried to solve the exercise and try to guide you in the right direction.

Wishing you a pleasant surfing site,

Team HWzone Forums.

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