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CRYSIS at the end will export to XBOX-360.


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No date yet, but from what I read in all sorts of places it will run in 360 which is all about HIGH except OBJECTS DETAIL that will be on the MEDIUM.

In short, he'll look pretty good and run smooth, and that's the whole point here.

An initial example of how the game will look at 360.


I think it looks really impressive, and really different from how it looks on the computer.

Walla will actually save the game if it runs smooth all the time while it looks just like the picture.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Really good news for XBOX, also very impressive if it really runs in these parameters and the resolution of 720P / 1080P.

It has been a field of very powerful computers.

It would be interesting if they adopted the UNREAL trick on the PS3, which also enables the use of a keyboard / mouse.


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