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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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Comprehensive images will follow, this time to please some users Handsome and not just a baker.

Currently it is only on 216 * 10.5 without VMOD which is very easy (with a pencil)

Voltage 1.95

My temperature is cold as usual.

I have not stretched the memories so they are locked on 180.

*** Edit ***

I corrected the title to the best of my knowledge and Pavel corrected me there is no manufacturer named ABUT.


Fixed - thanks Pavel

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

The board is limited by looking at 250, saying that beyond that the tables do not hold without doing Serious, you can download Bios without restriction (which by the way on the not long ago was 200) but it eliminates warranty on board.

My memory I believe will succeed in making 230 on CAS 3 instead of CAS2 which is set.

Pictures will be uploaded soon and they are full of pizzas.

I will do a full article that I hope will come within a week or two.

For anyone who is debating - this is really the king, I should not look at motherboards.

And you'll think its price is really little - 650.

Recommended for all.

Pictures will be tonight.

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What a high quality and pizzeria






I hope it's aesthetic enough

And of course I will.

Another small thing, Avit allows me to order a small sum in my opinion (60) to backup backup so that the board does not die

I have been invited to this type of boss and I am waiting for him. Until then, anyone who tries will recommend staying south of the 230-235 bus line.

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