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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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There's a nice review on the NF7-S REV2 board from the rest that's the same OC performance as the NF7REV2 only without SATA Yes?



The C1 steppings higher at lower voltages than their predecessors but they hit the same ceiling eventually. The A3 cores take a higher chipset voltage to hit this ceiling. Therefore, for those who are into moding their boards, the Rev. 2.0 boards offer little benefit in overclocking over the Rev. 1.2.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Then probably it is C1 rather than A1.

For some reason I do not find the VDD MOD now, if anything can help I will be happy.

I'm talking about the modem using a pencil to raise tension to a northern bridge.

If A1 breaks down the body on the NB, the AXFUMID will identify the sping as C1.

I'm pretty sure he meant to be sent Simply to backup that if its current BIOS is going to knock it out and use it again. There is no DUAL In this panel.

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I have not looked at the northern bridge, and in the registered WCPUID C1.

Yes, I wait for another expectation with Bius burning on him.

In any case in this panel there will be no death!


What I will do to prevent this death is to do a bios update screen, that is after you change things and do save and exit,

The computer turns off and goes to the screen that says "Save BIOS settings please wait".

At this stage the settings are checked that the board can actually make a strong post, if not then get beeps and the computer will shut down and receive in the next post

Straighten the BIOS on the "safe mode" of 100 * 11.

In any case currently on the 217 synchronous processor- (With XMS3000)

Again I hope that pictures with enough pizzas and are aesthetically pleasing to the audience.




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In any case in this panel there will be no death!

Said the 15 man for a few minutes before his palette began to sound like a computer concert, and smoked like the chimney in Reading ;)).

Good luck with the key memories ... We're here waiting for updates!

Where are the cineces you put on the memories there, and why do you have two connections to the fans on the card ?!

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Well then something strange is happening to me.

I can make a post even in 240 * 6 (I just have not checked stability)

And 220 * 7

And as mentioned above what I'm testing now is 217 * 9.5

But on 200 I can 200 * 11.5 that is 2300 megahertz, and the higher bass just can not

The clipboard does not post over the 210 bass in combination with the processor over the 2100 MHz.


VDD 1.7

VCORE 1.95

VDIM 2.7

VAGP 1.6

Something bumped into it?

I am waiting for answers from people abroad regarding the VDD MOD with the pencil that works on the REV1.2

And I do not know what about it.

I want 1.85 VDD.

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