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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

The truth is that it is not so low

39-42 work

44-49 effortlessly.

Because after the bios change the readings increased by some 9 degrees.

I'm not worried (by the way the sensor of the HARDENCO 2 indicates 35-40 work - load)

Have you updated Bius's version to new? Is not the board currently out and it came with a final version?

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If I raise the bass and lower the output so that the processor speed is kept the processor heats up more?

Yes because the processor is stable in the high bass you add voltage and when you add voltage the processor heats up.

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Look I've worked a bit on 240 * 6 that's 1440 on original voltage and there was a very small difference in the temperature between it and 133 * 11 it's 1447

But when you put on the 1.9 Volt or like me on close to the 2 Volt then you'll have me believe around the 50-58 that it's definitely not dangerous.

Try not to enter the 70 environment.

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