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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

Ofer Tell the board NF7-SL REV2.0 It has the same OC capabilities right?

What is the difference between the boards at all that you have and only the SATA?

Anyway what is very interesting to me is that the OC performance of the boards is supposed to be the same, since it is the same board with only more sketches, yes?

This is very important because I ordered this board.

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Well then like that after multiple reading I performed on the VDD voltage mode board.

I'm currently at 1.75 when I can reach 1.95 (instead of 1.7 max)

But: To my surprise, I found out that my processor has serious problems with high bass and it doesn't let me pass 225!

The memories are capable of working but the processor is not.

After reading I found out that I am not the only one with this problem but it is more common among the TB 2600 and above processors that are originally operating in Bass 166.

My processor is at a weakened 2800 so it may be infected with this disease as well.

There is a bridge-breaking solution near L12

Will be done as soon as possible.

So in high bass the processor refuses to work on certain multiples so I can't reach the steady 2300 that I know the processor can.

So I just dropped to 205 * 11 and I will try 208 * 11 as well.

Memories do not cause problems after a short conversation (email) with couriers, I am told that the memory can work at times not lower than 3 3 7, ie not slower than those.

I continue my efforts to reach the maximum possible.

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Okay last question: If I'm not going to do VDDMOD and my OC doesn't pass the bass 200 should I put HS on the south bridge

And replace the HSF on the NB as Ofer did? And if so replace the HSF on the NB Will CRYSTAL ORB do the job?

Thanks in advance.

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I think anyway for you to replace the sink.

Being the unlocking of the original and assembling the new one is really easy and won't ruin the warranty (you can return the original)

The original fan is kekka!

Really simple and also do a favor called thermal ointment, really recommended to replace.

It is not recommended to raise voltage to the northern bridge without replacing a sink.

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I think I will put the CRYSTAL ORB that I just want to use, and in any case I do not intend to mount the VDD because Nai will not exceed the bass 200-210 and according to what I understood from you it is stable even without the VDDMOD.

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