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abit nf7 rev 2-my new king


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You won't have a problem doing 200-210 in my opinion, the board should officially support that.

Anyway more updates:

222 * 10 stable

Sucking to misery, I wrote a very long post (because I finally deciphered this biopsy)

But it didn't keep her so I don't have the power to write now I will write tomorrow or something.

I will just say that this board is really successful in my opinion and can save itself from dumbbells trying to destroy it.

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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

BIOS Every component that can be fast has an interface of the board that tries to guess the people are stable, once the guess is eliminated

And tell the board to do what you ask for

Things look completely different.

Anything but weird, over 2300 MHz to the processor and the keyboard does trouble (the PS2 stops working)

Then I will buy a keyboard And try again.

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