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oc round up from three came out only one king


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

MSI always bombs with their bands, but from their boards experience is not something for Uber.

I believe there is a surprise in this direction but not something serious ...

I believe the board came out just fine..with poor capabilities, of course the 8 RDA3 + will take followed by Hobbit.

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No matter what the outcome will be - Habit gives full value for money and the ipox is just as expensive and disgusting even if it is better it is not at a level that will give you an extra $ 200

MSI is junk ... do good

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I am dying to see who takes, I say the order will be like this:


2. MSI


Why? Because I don't like ABIT ...

First of all what you have against Avit in my opinion is just a great board maker she had her packs in the boards of 2 and 3 but since then she just started putting out excellent boards.

And guess what, it seems to me from here that all the combinations in guesses can be, wait patiently; D

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Right now I do not have the memories to do it but I hope Monday Monday give you an answer and maybe raise here the result of the winner waiting right now

(Not so far from the hint hint 250 hint) but yes there is a certain bass that the processor can no longer.

I have a problem working under the 9 product in the bass above 230.

According to the clue, I look like I won::)

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Ofer Why have you been following so long?

Do you want a winner to all reach my memory capacity?

I want to give you a winner!

That is why I invest 1000 shekels of money to buy Better and reach 240 in hope and 250 in aspiration

And be a clear winner.

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