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OC issues with A7N8X


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Hello A few days ago I received this board and I have a number of issues:

1. Despite an update to the new BIOS, the FSB's index is still 100-133-166.

2. I am currently working on a bass of 133 and the board still refuses to give the memory a timing of 2 and not 2.5 even though it is clear to me that they can handle such a bass.

The VCORE only comes up to 3

In short ..is there a gamper or something I take out and make my board normal?

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I can not see specifications so will help if you say which one You have.

As for the tension, there is nothing to do. This is what the board gives unless you want to do VMOD.

As for the FSB, try to check if there is any option (in It's called CPU INTERFACE or it's the SYSTEM PERFORMANCE I don't really remember) which can be referred to as OPTIMAL / EXPERT / AGRESSIVE etc ..... in the boards of Is the one responsible for enabling manual direction of the FSB versus choosing from the predefined values ​​...

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