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You will recommend me a reflex to NIS 3500


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You can buy this amount K200D kit with two lenses (Both are stabilized by the stabilizer in the body).

I'd give up on the D60. She Limited and there is no point in going for it if you can afford it More serious. The D80 definitely fits the definition. Its main advantages over the K200D are longer ash, AF flashlight, preferable (not much) viewfinder, lithium battery and front pulley. The advantages of the Pentax are a built-in stabilizer (real Killer Feature in my opinion), dust seals and moisture for the body, more comfortable working in M ​​mode, anti-dust coating on the sensor, and a focus system that includes 9 crossover sensors and two more (with only the central crossover).

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The D80 has no built-in stabilizer. There are stabilized lenses (e.g. 18-55 VR), but not ones that include wide range and fast aperture. The Pentax has a built-in stabilizer so you can use lenses like 50 / 1.4 or 17-50 / 2.8 (from Tamron) in full stabilization. They have no stabilized counterparts in Nikon - neither Nikon's originals nor third parties.

For other pros and cons, see previous post.

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