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PCMARK and strange score ..

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After checking I got this score the specification is listed in my specification except the hard disk which is not listed there and is WD 400JB

The memory and hard disk score does not seem to me to be correct according to the specifications .. (Photo attached)

I'm right?

PS I tried to compare on the website of Mad Union but I do not list the Hardisk model there ..

Edit: I forgot to add a picture

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The CPU score and memory are just fine.

The score of the HD is low .. I get in HD at least 1750 + -

Check that it is running on ATA100 or alternatively UDMA 5 Mode

Could it be that this is why all the problems I have been suffering from lately?

As we know in WD that the hard disk alone is without any gamper and he is currently defined as a master with a gamper ... could that be the problem?

The determination of the UDMA and ATA is made in the BIOS?

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