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You need your help choosing a player for the army


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I want to buy me a player to pass the time in the army / travel ..

One of the things that is most important to me is video playback because while I am in the military I miss a lot of series that I watch regularly ..

So that I can fill in the gaps I want a good movie player ..

Besides, the sound quality and the song playback function is important to me.

What I've been thinking about for two years is:

Cowon o2 - A compact 4.3 inch movie player that plays almost any video and audio format without the need to convert with 32g volume and battery that holds 8 video playback hours.

Advantages: Plays movies without conversion, mobile vs netbook, memory expansion option with sd card.

Cons: Less is given to "carrying in the pocket" compared to the s9

Cowon S9 - A great music player with an 3.3 inch amoled screen crazy battery of 55 audio hours and 11 video hours only comes with a maximum of 16g.

Advantages: Excellent amoled screen, battery life, the most portable of the devices.

Cons: Memory expansion is not possible, movie conversion is required, the smallest screen of the devices.

Some netbook for example eee pc 1000he - 10 screen, 7-9.5 hours battery, huge 160 gigabyte, wifi.

Advantages: Big screen, volume, many options besides playback And songs such as browsing the internet running various software and games.

Cons: The least mobile, The weakest.

What do you say it is for me to purchase? (You can also suggest other things not listed here)



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Basically the only thing that bothers me to buy the s9 is the small volume. What about iPod touch? Is it worth considering it at all? From the computer it seems to me that I will go down because without wifi I really have nothing to carry with him ..

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