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PCSX2 Emulator to PS2 on the PC. (Impressions + Guide)

Art Tatum

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I know this emulator not from yesterday, but recently I checked it again and tried to play in the FFXII I bought a long time ago and did not really get to play at PS2.

I transferred it to PC and downloaded a new version of the emulator that seems to be passing Massive recently after two groups of different developers united.

I found PLUGIN that detects and works automatically with the XBOX360 controller. : yelclap:

With the right directions and new versions of the software and the right PLUGINS it works really well and sound as a leveler.

The speed it loads is amazing.

You can aim it to run the game much faster than it should run, which is just huge and fun abnormal.

The ability to save a situation at any moment in the game with the help of external emulators allows it to end.

So I put some more games on and tried ... and works well.

With support for XBOX360 and all the features I mentioned, I just prefer the emulator.

I have not tried many games yet and can very well be that not everyone is working properly on it.

I smile every time I run a game. ; D

Here is a brief guide that you might find useful.

Downloads and Installation:

Download the old version of the full software from here:


Download the PLAYGROUND package as a base.

Download the latest and latest PLUGINS file (BETA !!!) from the forum:


There is a mode that needs to be registered to download (takes exactly a minute).

The main file goes to the main partition of the software.

The new PLUGINS for the PLUGINS partition.

You can delete the old PLUGINS that have new versions (they are not the same name in the file but there is a situation that they will appear in the same name within the software) to avoid confusion.

You will run the program through the new main file.

Before you run the program, delete all the INI on the INIS partition.

You should do this every time you switch to newer versions of PLUGINS or a master file.

You should also download Whatever your PS2 of course, otherwise you can not do with anything emulator.

Just for the curiosity I have the BIOS What is the PS2 is EUROPE V0.200 from 14 / 06 / 2004.

Here's a guide on how to do it through the USB:


Here's a tutorial on how to download bios through the network:



Direct the BIOS and PLUGINS partition to the partitions where the files are located.



GSdx (Or SSSE3 or SSSE4 if you have a processor that supports it).

DIRECT3D 9 HARDWARE or 10 if you have .

SHADER (only in DIRECT3D 9) for the newest card supported.

ASPECT RATIO to WIDE for WIDE screenshot of course.

D3D INTERNAL RESOLUTION This is the resolution at which the engine will internally process the game, the higher the better looks.

NATIVE will run faster and awe not really as good (as in PS2).

For a non-wide screen, try 800x600, 1024x768 or any standard resolution that runs fast enough.

For widescreen try 1280x720, 1440x900 or more if it runs well enough.

In a nervous graphics card, try placing a double internal resolution from your screen resolution. The result is equal to AAx16 (looks amazing relative to PS2).



There is no need to adjust the settings in general, it is possible to set the REAL TIME MODE if you are running a game without a speed limit that flies at the speed of light.


If you have a XBOX360 remote control then download XPAD http://guliverkli.sourceforge.net/xpad1.zip

If you want to play with a keyboard or set up another control then use LilyPad and configure everything you need.

Basically if you're playing a single game and you're using XPAD then put it onSECOND CONTROLLER On the LilyPad to be able to do

QUICKSAVE and QUICKLOAD or other options for which you need keyboard support.


I use LINUZ ISO CDVD which is set through CONFIGURE to PLUGIN which ISO file is automatically loaded.

If the first line there is deleted then it will open a window every time you run FILE / RUN CD.

There are a few more useful PLUGINS out there, such as one that allows to run straight from CD / DVDROM.

CPU CONFIG Notice that everything is marked on the left side.

And in the right window, highlight or LIMIT if you want a game that runs at normal speed.

Or NORMAL for the emulator to run the game as fast as it can (limited by your hardware of course).

In new versions you can switch to NORMAL and return from the game with TAB (used as TURBO button).

In any case F4 will switch between all speed / limit modes.

SPEED HACKS There is a situation that should and should be directed:


And ENABLE IOP x2 CYCLE RATE (may cause jumps Movies in some games)

If you suffer from sound jerks in the clips Download the EE CYCLE RATE to X1.5.

These directions should work well with most games and will be very helpful in those moments when the computer / emulator will find it difficult to keep up with the pace required to run smooth games.

The new chairs also have an option called INTC and say it speeds up certain games and has high compatibility.

Additional Comments:

The PLUGIN graphic ZEROGS does not work well with the games I've just tested.

It seems to me that this is work in development that requires a lot more work, and maybe it only works well with very old games.

The PLUGIN for PEOPS sound is very old (from 2005) and causes many crashes, but there are certain games with which it may work better and faster.

Since I moved to ZEROSPU2 I have no crashes at all.

According to what I understood from their forum, SPU2GHZ is not bad either, but in FFXII it somehow causes SQUEEKS instead of the sound of walking. : Lol: (Solved in the new SPU-X)

Yesterday I came to run TEKKEN 5 and the emulator collapsed every time after the little SHOOTING game that ran at first.

I broke my head on it and tried all the possibilities until finally I solved the problem.


And run the game through EXECUTE (do a previous RESET if you have played a game since the software was uploaded).

It also seems that the bios version may also affect this.

Also do not forget to mark the special GAME FIX for TEKKEN 5 in the GAMEFIXES menu in CONFIG. (Probably removed because new versions are no longer needed)

Save states:

To save and load modes in a fraction of a second in any game mode, simply click F1 to save F3 to load,

And F2 and SHIFT F2 to replace between 10 and Slots of Saves. (such pleasure!!)

As the game begins to load, you can jump straight into a second-second mode without waiting for even the main screen (awesome !!).

It is very useful to make regular reservations through the INTERFACE of the game occasionally (on the Virtual MEMCARD; D).

It is also a good idea to switch to F2 for a rare instance that will somehow not be able to load the last save.

It happened to me one time since I started playing FFXII a week ago, and just after an hour of fierce fighting, I suddenly got a RARE SPAWN that I managed very hard to win and with rare luck (which of course improved the wonders with the SAVE STATE QUICKSAVE / QUICKLOAD).

In any case, I learned the lesson and since then I have been circulating among the fast guardians.

It has not happened since then again.

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It really needs a powerful computer to do a good job.

But there are all kinds of SPEED HACKS and emulator directions that will perhaps allow you to play games even in medium-sized systems.

The emulator uses multiple cores.

P4 This is not really ideal but from what I see in my emulator I barely use 30 and something of the core so you'll know ...

Try and see.

On their site you can see that the software should work well with the game.


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I finished FFX (by the way of a great game), and I played it with a very reasonable speed (40 + FPS).

Your plug-in also activates the vibration on the xbox's remote? It seems to me that I'm using lilypad and there is no possibility of vibration on the remote control .

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I finished FFX (by the way of a great game), and I played it with a very reasonable speed (40 + FPS).

Your plug-in also activates the vibration on the xbox's remote? It seems to me that I'm using lilypad and there is no possibility of vibration on the remote control .

Yes vibration works beauty.


No direction and nothing.

It works directly in front of the DRIVER's or something.

The sign is mine So I turn off the vibration in the games to save energy.

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