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PCSX2 Emulator to PS2 on the PC. (Impressions + Guide)

Art Tatum

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The truth is that I gave up after the opening that ran on some ~ 8 FPS ...

Now, thanks to you, I waited for a variation that the opening video was not bad at all, usually on 40-50 FPS

And indeed the gameplay works, at least a bit of a shuffle what I checked ... about ~ 9 FPS.

By the way I work here on a computer different from my specifications: Pentiumd D 820,1 Gb , 6600LE.

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I have an excellent running GOW. Sometimes there are slowness, but they are not really critical, and the game has worn to Maggie. GOW2 I have not tried, but I think there should be no problem.

DA, will be updated to the newest version.

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I do not know what version it is but it's the last time for 7 and something on the 24.02.2009 evening.

Compiled by. ; D


Do not forget to delete the INIS.

The outstanding novelty of this version is another new SPEEDHACK that say that can accelerate certain games significantly.

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One can argue about this because the emulator runs on a computer, but runs console games

Art tatum I'm trying to run this I get an error

Check to see if this file exists on the game partition, for me it exists.

If it does not exist then someone must have accidentally deleted it or put the main file in the wrong place. : Lol:

Anyone else GOW works with a lot of green color in the background?

The green color issue is known and known in the emulator forum.

There may be some solutions, should read and try.

When I get the game I'll try it myself.

By the way on the same topic, it turns out that GOW2 can work well throughout the game in the DX SOFTWARE MODE.

Of course then it will run in 4 frames per second, but at least that means that the HARDWARE MODE solution will arrive sometime.

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Well I upgraded to rev592 (including plugins ... there is a new lilypad 0.9.10)

The lilypad 0.9.10 causes a strange phenomenon for me because it is impossible to return to the game again after closing a window without emulator booting.

In the same settings with 0.9.4 it works well. (DIRECTINPUT and removing the option to close ESC with both the LYPID and the MISC)

Incidentally, 956 and 955 have added a quick replacement option between CPU NORMAL and back with TAB, which is used as the TURBO button.

Even before that it was possible to do this, but you had to flip through F4 among several options.

How simple and small, to me it's useful.

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