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PCSX2 Emulator to PS2 on the PC. (Impressions + Guide)

Art Tatum

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Where exactly do you find all these advanced REVs?

Emulator developers use GOOGLE CODE to store, update, and distribute the code.


There is a program called TORTOISE SVN or something that lets you download the new version in source code.

Here's a guide on how to do this:


It is not recommended to deal with those who do not have the slightest idea.

And also remember that it's not really safe to download unchecked versions (they spend on average 5-10 REVISIONS for a day and a half times also spoil things)

The link I brought on the first page has a SNAPSHOT version of the development that comes out once a week twice depending on the progress.

The SNAPSHOTS versions you bring there are at least tested for a few days / week and it is best to work with them instead of taking unnecessary risks.


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Downloaded to the computer from an original CD you buy in the store.

It is also considered kosher to download the game if you have it and for some reason you are lazy or have trouble doing Rip.

The same goes for the BIOS, if you have a PS2 and you are having trouble downloading it from the console, it is legal if you get it from the network.

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