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PCSX2 Emulator to PS2 on the PC. (Impressions + Guide)

Art Tatum

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I was able to run the Force unleashed at normal speed to make it possible to play, but the next thing that prevents me from playing it is graphics bugs.

Look at the picture I attached, is there anything I can do to handle it?

[attachment deleted by admin]

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On my processor I get 100 percent utilization so probably since ...

By the way - if you want a serious FPS boost and you are sure that the video card limits you and not the processor

Go to the plug-in settings for the graphics and texture size. Put 512 (the lowest possible)

Some of the games are a little destructive (there's a kind of weird blurring) but I got a serious bost in all the games and now I'm limited by the processor

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I found a post in the forum about it

Ok, I think I can answer to this. Using more than 2 cores is not easy, but if possible we'd like to do that in the future.

That's it. No dates set, no guarantees in any way. But yes, if we can, we would like to. Just an idea for the future.

4 is not supported (but has 2)

What they are saying is that by the end of the year they will support 4 cores but not more than 30 per core

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Bro you said you're using linuz iso cdvd 0.8.0 dude i do not have it and i'm dead to play in bodokai and it iso so please bro put link Download it and guide where to put it please i die to play !!!

Once upon a time I was out of class and threw a cottage cheese sandwich into the classroom and screamed fire in the hole
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Brother i have a problem with the fps extremely low and the sound is choppy what problem do you have any idea?

And everything works in addition to that

It is an emulator and not in phase completely due

Do not expect too much money

If you are so stressed out about PS2 games I recommend you buy one even used

The emulators that PS2 and GimbiWeb / WII are not mature enough and only some of the games really work well that you can play from beginning to end

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