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Home Network Settings With ROUTER, how do you log on from one computer to another?


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I have at home the router that Bezeq divides ROTAL RTA 1025W to which are connected two computers with a wired connection and two for wireless laptops.

Everyone surfs with it for fun and everything works fine, just one small problem ... I have no idea how I do SHARING to the web so it will be possible to log in from one computer to another and send for printing from one computer to another.

I work with WIN 7, and all the other computers with SP3.

The IP is set to static (on my computer and everything else in ascending order).

Thank you very much in advance

And happy holiday !

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Start >> Run >> then //10.0.0.x

Note that it wrote me upside down a bit:(

In any case the X = 1,2,3,4

You said 4 computers, so each computer will have a different ending ..

Once you get into that, then there is access to folders that are shared on every computer

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Definately not...

I'm with ...

As far as my computer is concerned, there is no such thing as ... it does not exist.

What exists is only which is the router.

The router does know the rest of the company ... but not everyone can identify the computers on the network, only the router itself.

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Do not tell me "absolutely not"

I understand you're with a router

And that's how to connect.

I have a router like this at home like yours and I did tests with it and it works fine.

Maybe computers are just not defined as shared

So how do you want them to give access?

But anyway any computer that gets IP from your router, then another computer from the network can access it

Or communicate with him

Do ping to say and see

Talk to me on Messenger. If you've got into trouble, I'm happy to help

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Thanks first of all!

I do not have a messenger so we will give up but really thank you : xyxthumbs:

Listen maybe I'm not doing something basic ... I do not know.

I do not quite understand to the end all the settings of WIN7

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Funny you never told him to check what IP the computers get. : screwy:

Maybe his Pool is set to a different range at all, or they just did not get the first addresses.

So manually check, on each computer, what IP it gets, set up all the computers in the same workgroup, enable and set up sharing, and good luck.

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Well, I've made some progress ... I've been able to create But she still has pucks.

The IPs are manually set 1 \ 2 \ 3 \ 4 not automatically and there are no CONFLICTS or anything.

One of the laptops, I recognize him and he recognizes me but I can not get into him and he is not me (and I did SHARE)

Really unclear problem (French image of the ERROR)

And one more annoying thing about WIN7, I can not find a way to change the WORKGROUP name

When I click on my computer in NETWORK then write-

WORKGROUP: WORKGROUP .... unlike the other computers I defined as HOME and they are really identified that way.

[attachment deleted by admin]

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