A serious problem on the computer probably on the motherboard and need your help to focus the problem ... - HWzone
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A serious computer problem, probably on a motherboard, should help you to focus the problem ...

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The computer is P2.4C @ 3GHZ



Radeon 9000Pro

Power Supply ENERMAX 350W


And other irrelevant hardware components.

This computer has been running almost 6 years with upgrades from time to time ...

So, I turn on the computer and a minute after it comes up it suddenly performs a RESET, even without BLUE SCREEN ...

Then there was a screen of choices of Between SAFE MODE and NORMAL etc. ... and when I come to select the keyboard did not function, the NUMLOCK does not respond ... everything is frozen.

After another RESET ... no BIOS POST, nothing ...

The chassis fans work well on the processor. ZALMAN sits hard on the copper ... the motherboard bulb is on, and then I notice that the fan on the video card is not spinning, I thought the card was burned (although it is not in the OC and I rarely use the games etc.), I now brought a new GEFORCE FX5200 card New iPhone Passive, connected, turned on ... Still, there is no picture at all on the screen, no POST and the NUM LOCK light on the keyboard does not respond when the computer is "rising".

I took out the four RAM cards and inserted another one, even now - the bulb on the board Everything went fine but the computer did not cost, there was no post and nothing.

I tried to take out the battery of motherboard and return, I tried to empty the CMOS also ... does not help.

My hypothesis is that the AGP slot is simply dead and it sticks the entire board if, but I'm not 100% sure - no motherboard light on the panel will not turn on ... In short I do not know if there is any way to solve this problem, CPU and I do not know how much I want to work on it now) Is it worthwhile to give up and throw this whole piece of junk or have other options to try to fix ???

In general, I'm in a pretty stressful period, I do not have time and too much money to spend on a new computer that I want (and this is SHARETLE BAREBONE), and the computer I have now (or I had) works beauty and beauty.

For anyone who has suggestions for fixing the problem or other directions that I have not checked, I ask for your help.

Many thanks in advance!


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I also bet on gambling , I would suggest that you disassemble it from your computer and open it.

If you see inside a swollen capacitor that has silicon-like material, it means that you have power.

A simple power supply is rising today between 50 and 100.


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A little difficult to draw conclusions can be a power supply

Can be

Could even be New.

Can get swollen on the motherboard if

First check all the capacitors on the motherboard and you will see they are not swollen then run CHKDSK to Windows if it does not help back up material and reinstall the operating system

If it still has not helped you in the direction of power supply and memories if you have not solved the problem UPDATE And testing for a motherboard that is already a subject in itself

Once again, we can go from one map to another. In order to check things, we need to check in the order of the comfort that I said, and only then can you know the source of the problem.

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I also bet on gambling , I would suggest that you disassemble it from your computer and open it.

If you see inside a swollen capacitor that has silicon-like material, it means that you have power.

A simple power supply is rising today between 50 and 100.


First of all thank you all for your help ...

Glow - it could be that the power went but the computer still lights up and the fans run and all the LEDs are on?

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This is certainly possible and the most reasonable option given that

Previously the keyboard did not receive electricity nor worked and then nothing on the screen

Just because a working power supply does not necessarily mean that it works properly and fully

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A few days ago I was gone The computer did not reach Bussus and the keyboard did not work, but the maids worked as usual.

Because they worked as usual, I did not think it was the power supply. I gave the lab a repair and went out with 350 damage.

It seems that enough even slows down the voltage for the fans to work.

When I opened the old doubt I saw that almost all the capacitors had melted.

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I personally think this is a weak power supply. I recommend that you check it first before borrowing anything before you buy it.

And to the extent that this situation will invest in a normal power supply rather than the one that costs 50 NIS it is worth it ...

And if that's not it then it's likely that both the board and the panel of this model will cost you the same thing after me. Everything is an old model. I know that I also have one of them (one of them).

Then the average cost will be 250-300.

Another thing I would recommend to you if you are familiar with the matter is to disassemble the computer and clean it up with air pressure or vacuum cleaner and re-assemble ... it can sometimes do wonders .....

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Thanks again for the help!

I will look for Second hand something cheap and good in the environment, not interested in just spending more and more ... look where it will bring me, I will update after there is a new doubt and see what the source of the problem ... Anyway if this board I give up dealing.

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: s07:: bash:

: nono: : - \

Does not work!

I went, I went ... I bought a video card ... I changed, I checked ... I did not help ...

I went, I went ... I bought a doubt ... I cleaned and cleaned and changed and checked and worked ... also did not help: - \

The same problem, the computer "lights up" fans move, all the LEDs jump on the keyboard, there is noise of here we start ... but there is no POST and no screen, I also tried on another screen and two Different, I tried Various, Different ... NADA.

The 200 has already gone, and travel and time and disappointments ... what to buy now Sleeping to find out that the processor was burned after 5 years in Overclock?

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The 4 pin connection that provides power to the processor you connected? if not

So no wonder, then then it must be a board, there is in the KSP

Asrock P4i65GV in 340 NIS in stock almost all branches

Apart from Ashdod / Petach Tikvah, it is very unlikely that the processor has gone, it is sometimes

rarity perishable

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I would recommend that you let another friend take a look at the matter ... After all, another opinion can always help especially after you break up so much and make up again ...

As for the supplier you borrowed, I hope that it is strong enough to meet the specification of your computer, otherwise it does not really mean anything ...

I personally do not think it's the processor unless you're really unlucky and I hope that's not the case;

If you did not succeed, you discovered that some of the resistors are swollen and therefore the tension does not reach all the motherboards.

I would encourage you to borrow something from him again And check with him together if everything is working properly and only then go for the other solution and replace .

A story I've already said will cost you up to 300 Shah look down I recommend GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2C Motherboard or P5KPL-CM when the inclination is

More towards GIGABYTE. Successfully!!! : xyxthumbs:


PS My advice to work on two is not to be challenged by the amount of knowledge and ability you have.

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Wh1t3 recommended you try to get To check that this is the problem and only if it is really the problem then go and purchase New.

People here are very interested in helping you, and not vice versa.

I am sorry for the loss of your money but it may be time to bring an experienced technician to solve the problem once and for all.

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