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Age of Empires 2 on the net - just do not go with ports and ports ...


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So like that ... me and some of my good friends : Silly: Sick of Age of Empires 2 expansion and we used to play it to death.

Now we are trying to come back :-)

ZONE of Closed long ago and not all rooms in the game network are there but there is still a community in GAMESPY ... my problem is that I just can not connect to any IP of a game I get ... after every IP I enter I just see an empty row, as if I did not enter No address.

The computer is new but there was a similar problem on the previous computer ...

I'm working on Pro 64, the Router is ROTAL RTA 1025W, my IP is the first from the network at home, set manually, in the ROUTER settings I opened all the necessary ports (in the built-in settings there is also an option inside the ROUTER for AGE OF EMPIRES 2) and also opened manually by without getting too involved ... and of course I set it to my IP.

Unlike EMULE which actually cooperates with it, here it does not go.

I also tried to put the IP on the DMZ and at the same time turn off the FIREWALL of , Also did not help and even so in FIREWALL I set the game as open.

I thought maybe there are SERVICES I blocked after installation Do not allow contact with other people ... I have opened TELNET SERVICES and all kinds of services Different, really there is nothing logical I can think of that blocks me here, also the version of the game is updated properly.

The operating system and in general all the computer and hard disk are new, no Or SPYWARES etc ... a smooth and cluttered computer.

If anyone here can think of other directions I did not think of or has the game and it works fine for him I would love to hear more ideas ... I really have no idea what else to try.



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