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Help about buying Nintendo WII - Need help in a few questions


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Prominent participants in the discussion

Prominent participants in the discussion

The ports are called "New Play Control"

Nintendo did not limit what came out and what was not, other than that, there were also ports of other companies

For example RE1 and RE-Z of Capcom

It's simply profitable and quite risky for companies to produce such ports

So I do not see why in the future Will not spend Zelda WW \ and Mario Sunshine minimum if no more games I mentioned

If you have already taken out games if you have a lower sales potential like XMUMX-1 and X-NMR

So Mario and Zelda sure will get Fort in the future

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I have no idea what you're talking about !! LOL :)

I played in mario kart - what a contest !!

I have not yet played in Zelda but I will play

Any cool gaming ideas? I want something in the style of what they brought on the sports disc.

And does anyone know if there are games for FIT besides the disk that comes with it?

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I want something in the style of what they brought on the sports disc

So you're lucky that came out

Wii Sports Resort

Look at the review

It requires a plug-in that comes with the US $ 20

This extension greatly improves motion detection in games that support it

And does anyone know if there are games for FIT besides the disk that comes with it?

There are fitness games of other companies that use Burd to look for sites like Gymspot

Besides, there are all kinds of regular games that support him

For example -

Shaun White Snowboarding: Road Trip

Skate It

And more games

There is also a Monkey Ball game in development that uses Burd

In any case, regardless of the additions, try Mario

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Thanks for the suggestions :)

(I took into account.....)

I've already played several games! And it's just fun! :)

This is a completely different game experience from the usual consoles Or PS

Especially fun to play and do With the FIT, this is a real personal trainer!

Recommended for those who think to buy - Take the FIT as well

Thank you all for your help !!!

You really helped me a lot :)

: yelclap:

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Look at future option to purchase motionplus for games that use it

What it does is copy your movement from 1: 1 to the screen, for example if you hold the remote in a certain way such that the sword or tennis racket or golf stick will move as well, and not only by the sieves that do automatic

And tennis

They wanted to get him in from the beginning to the sign but they had problems

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I've seen that a few stores already sell the motionplus

Are there games that can not be played without or is it just a plugin?

And I also want to purchase a plastic gun, I wanted to know which one is recommended


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Is an add-on that was supposed to be originally on the remote but was not able to them as the Nintendo DS is not a multi-

There are a few games that support it like the game in the YouTube trailer of tennis where it's optional but that makes it more realistic because then the shape you hold the sign is the shape the bat is held in the game

And there are games that demand it and that's why they're marketing it together in a box

Because Uncle Cip lives in you, you can buy a tent separately

About a plastic gun, I do not have it but it looks the most beautiful


It's a perfect shot of Nike

He just puts the sign of the stuff right and I know it because I have a plastic gun in the house and it's not even close to a parapet shot

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What you've shown is for those who want a shotgun feeling and also to put the Nunchak

Most of the games are rail shooters who do not go but there are games like this new conduit as it goes with the Nunchak so your choice

I was still going for the gun, easier to tune in with this in my opinion

As for Plus, if you are urgent for one of the games you have now then yes, for example sports resort

If you do not then wait a bit, I'm waiting for the moment to leave

From what I know is going to come out of Gladiator's games with the Plus Plus, it's really going to be interesting

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moranesher I played games that in theory had to earn from plastic guns

And they were very pretty even without a plastic gun

Besides, it's just plastic. There are no hardware components in these WII guns

It's just status

As for Mushan Plus, I think he would like to buy at least one

I'm currently waiting for Rudd Steele 2 to go out because it's a gamers game that charges him and at least the Trillier looks very good

But if you're interested in my games So do not wait and listen because you already have some games Who support him

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So you say it's better to buy the gun you offered?

Are there no more guns that are good?

And what shooting games do you recommend?

CRYNE: Yeah I know it's just plastic, it just adds to the experience that's all

Yes I really like the sports games, that's why I'm thinking about buying one

If I have two signs I really have to buy two or can one? Because it's expensive.

In Asia, I saw that this is another 25 dollar, which is about NIS 100. Of course, it's not as expensive as in Israel, where one sells NIS 189

But it's still expensive. So I do not know what to do.

We have already paid a lot for the And all his accessories ... The accessories and the accessories are just getting on and there are those who have to buy ....

A problem....

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Yes, it seems to me I'll order one, and really if we have to and it looks good I'll order another one

Question: After I create an actor and after I have saved, how can I change things in a character?

I tried to press the EDIT but nothing happens, even after I choose the character I want to change

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