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Is there a room without gravity?


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Even in a spaceship orbiting the earth, there is about as much gravity as on earth on Earth.

About the same as on the ground? Not really. For example, a body in a geostationary orbit is about 10 times as big as 6.6 from Earth's center than a body on Earth (42100, as opposed to 600).

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At this altitude you're talking about a plane.

Do not think about "gravitation inside it." It is not a magical and separate world. Just understand that as much as she "falls", the people within her "fall."

And therefore for them there is "zero gravity" (relative to the spaceship)

And the use of the term "fall" is misleading, because it is a factor to think there is downward movement.

Rather, say "down." Or that force is exerted downward. This does not mean that it "falls" (moving down) - the space station is intentional

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Actually yes I talked about the spaceship, to reach the altitude 100,000 should someday be at 50,000 not?

But it does not make sense to me that because the Earth pulls them and they push upward they float. Think about a hovercraft, as earth attracts it and it rises, it does not mean that the people inside are floating ...

They simply float because space has minimal gravity.

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Excuse me, I did not understand you at first ...

I thought you meant spacecraft QOrbiting the earth at an altitude of 50000 feet (That's why I wrote an airplane, a spacecraft will burn BATM if you hover at this altitude, because of the speed required to keep track)

My mistake.

For your original question, assuming that the spacecraft does not accelerate up or down, astronauts will feel normal gravity of 1G or 9.8 meters per second. (Like here on the ground, this distance is negligible)

By the way, you do not need a spacecraft, if you flew abroad your plane sailing altitude 40,000 feet, and its lift was exactly equal to gravity, so its height is maintained.

You felt a "normal" gravitational face.

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There is, an airplane that speeds down at about 10 meters per second.

Because there is not much space to accelerate it, it can only be created for a few dozen seconds.

10 meters per second?

So the runners at the Olympics also have to start hovering in the middle of the run

They make a 100 meter in 9 seconds that comes out more than 10 meters per second

Maybe if they were running downstairs lol

They would start to hover ... but then they had a hard time running

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: Lol: : Lol: : Lol: : Lol:


It's a good thing that we did not exaggerate a bit ... If it was really we'd hear on the news, and it would cost at least One hundred thousand dollars...

: Lol: : Lol:

Good for the main question: Is there anything new without gravity? No!

Beauty! You will already close this discussion that does not come out of "Show new responses to my messages" for half a year !!

post Scriptum

I've seen in NASA's "History Channel" that there are other anti-gravity substances on the stars, and just do not Reach these stars (not even with unmanned vehicles) .. Where the hell are they bringing such a conjecture ?!

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According to Newton 's second law if you are staying within "Closed (like a room, a spaceship or an elevator) that falls freely towards the Earth. All the items in it are floating and have a feeling of weightlessness. The problem is that you can not fall towards the Earth forever unless you are inside a satellite or spaceship that bypasses the Earth. A and in fact fall freely downwards without changing their height.The only solution I see to create a room that works forever without gravity is to simply be inside a spaceship xD.

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