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Your Curiosity - Photo Gallery


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  • 2 weeks later ...

First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to Dj Electric: - Without which the whole project would not have been carried out :)

Selling old components:

-Q9550 \ E0.

- Table of P43-ES3G

-card HD4870 Sonic SE

- Gskill



From the old system I used the chassis, the vendor and the hard drive.

Purchase of new components:

Intel i5 \ 760 \ 8 2.8GHz rev B1 \ SLBRP

Scythe Yasya 120mm

Asus P7P55D

GSkill 2GBx2 III 1333mhz

Sparkle GTX460 \ 768mb @ Stock

Cage arrangement and HDD removal Cage to enable better circulation.

The steps :) Dismantling the old components, assembling the new ones and the final result

Results And other vegetables in appropriate discussions very soon;

The system is very cool, currently in OVERCLOCK to 3.54Ghz in 1.175W voltage as 36C in Idle and 51 in Stress.

The graphics card on the 32C will be executed soon.

Video card in OVER to 850cc / 1700sc / 2000mc / 1037v

Relaxation TCM - 32


Fan percentages - 48 in effort

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At the moment I purchased the HYDRO H50 will sound great Happy about him!

Gives results of 28 degrees at rest and 39-40 degrees in full effort!

Cooling on VAPOR X. 5870 HD Card

Of course on the system I have two fans for the processor.

Three fans 4 cm of On the DDR.

Three more fans on the chassis roof to blow the hot air.

Front fan of 23 cm of + ENERMAX 12 cm fan that both bring in air.

From the side another 23 cm fan of That breathes air.

And an 12 cm fan that is inserted in the bottom :D

He apologized for the excavations : hi:

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Before its I7 system found its place in my Lion Lee, the package served me as a NAS,

What do we have?

Visit PERC5I cooled water

A pair of reptors in RAID 0 water cooled

Memories cooled water (not really helpful at anything, but the blocks exist, I preferred to use them, the pump is strong enough)

This is a "combina" that I improvised after the controller heated up quite a bit, even the pipes are different. But it worked well until recently.


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  • 4 weeks later ...

My system, a little messy can say a little bit, waiting for the upgrade will come very soon : smile1:

Q9550S 4.0Ghz


2x2GB Gskill 1000

WD 500GB


HEC 700W

* IMG *


You must change everything that happens in your package!

Wires stand in the middle.

Cooling that exits air up (directly to the supplier) : screwy:

There is no sarcasm.

Recommend you to do something with it urgently, our hot summer is approaching ...

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