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Differences between significant HDMI cables?


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I bought a cable 1080i, to connect the video card (ATI HD5750) to my TV (Panasonic lx8 -720p).

Now the TV does get a 1080i input and that's why I bought the cable, it all works just that the image quality (best expressed in the written text) is just poor.

I connected before that with VGA cable and the quality is just so much better.

Are there any differences in qualities between the different cables ?? Even in the digital age ?!

The cable itself was cheap, right, but I didn't think there were such differences ...

Maybe I composed or defined something wrong?

with gratitude,


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There is no such definition as "1080I cable". Any cable Forward the full signal.

If the cable is longer than 3 meters, it is advisable to invest a little more.

But if you're in the store, ask the seller to connect the cable between the BD / Streamer / PC player and broadcast a movie at 1080p. You will clearly see the picture.

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The vast majority of LCD and plasma screens do not get NR which is NATIVE RESOLUTION, the natural resolution of the screen.

So all connections should be checked to see which one gets NR.

Usually it will be a VGA because it is a connection Which is why you saw much better there too.

See if you have another connection And see if the results are better,

This is mainly expressed in reading text as you have written.

What resolution does the screen work in connecting the computer?

way And through VGA?

If the length of the cable is up to a meter, it is not necessary to invest in the expensive cable of a famous company.

If it is 2 meters or more in length you should really consider buying a higher quality cable.

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The cable is really a cheap cable, which I bought from what I know about a digital world, it's either 0 or 1, there's no black and white, or works or not ... And here it works, but the quality is not something.


And there is no return option (Hong Kong).

The resolution in both VGA and b It had the same resolution of 1360X768. And that's the screen resolution.

It's not that I wasn't happy with the VGA, on the contrary, the quality is excellent there.

I just needed a longer cable .... and I said if I was already buying, it would be .

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