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advanced file sharing in XP


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I use advanced file sharing on XP

I am interested in this situation because some libraries need to be shared by everyone on the home network, and some only by certain users.

I know how to set these permissions in the sharing and security tabs of the directories.

My problem is that when I create a new file, say a text file on the desktop, it does not get everyone's security permission

Then when I copy it to the library shared by everyone it can still not be accessed

My question is how do I change the settings in the advanced file sharing so that new files I save or create get everyone's security permission

Then when I copy them into a library shared by everyone, they will indeed be accessible to everyone.

EDIT: The solution I found is that objects inherit the security settings from their parent directory, and my user's document libraries, including the desktop, probably lacked everyone's permission. After I add it, the new files (and following the change also the old ones) can be shared.

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