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Nintendo 3DS The successor to the legendary DS was exposed! Official discussion


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Livio only the top screen you broadcast in this case

The control probably remains on the device - but at the moment it is not at all confirmed and will doubt it given in the first model

Although this technology is easily possible

And I also think that such a price is excessive

Apart from a good console, I did not see anything that would justify such a price

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Price in Japan of 300 $, do not seem to me 250 to US ...

It sounds like a stratosphere, at this price it should be the best console in the world to justify it.

This is a direct conversion. Electronics in Japan are very expensive. DSi came up with 19,000 Yan to launch as $ 225. The price in the United States is 150 $.

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The company became famous for a variety of games in development

Most games look like improved sequels and what DS

And some enhanced ports from N64

But look playful who is MGS3 and who RE

RE at all looks better than RE4 (relative to the small screen)

In any case nice to see a strong third-party support for the start

But what a great game of ?

Are going to do the same exercise of launching the DS

So it was Mario 64 this time Zelda 64

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