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Check Point is looking for technical support / QA engineers - not Acto


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Out of curiosity by the way, what is the salary during the training and what is the salary after it?

Take care of this after you pass the little thing called "sorting at Checkpoint." Pass the first test, will remain in 30 from 5 then pass it to continue acts of + interviews.

The salary corresponds to the level of knowledge of the candidates, and besides, it is a rare trajectory that the salary is irrelevant when we compare the experience we receive and depth Career for the future.

Linux ?? TCP ??


Say, if I have 4 study days a week that start at 5 and a half at IITC, when did you say that you finish roughly? 5?

Send you the resume or address you gave?

Send me a private message and you will receive my address at the company to send CV.

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Out of curiosity by the way, what is the salary during the training and what is the salary after it?

As in most large companies for "non-high-tech" positions like 7 without vehicles for start-up positions, PFE is usually 9-13 with vehicles, Checkpoint is not really the only company that operates a training center, , MS, Comverse, and more than a few companies do it (Some pay more Mtz'kfoiint quite a few, but require more to be) the advantage of Tz'kfoiint most products (except EPS All"t) is Tier3 support the country and raises mean Indians I do not succeed in exporting the polisys, and opening problems with support in Israel is possible only for people with CCSE certification, which means that unlike many other companies, you will not talk to retarded people, But usually with IT integration / services companies, or with very large customers who hold IT professionals with the necessary qualification and knowledge.

The disadvantage of such jobs is: a) the illusion of "working in high-tech" because they are not involved in development, although high-quality QA experts usually go there, but the knowledge acquired after the basic course depends on a person because the job does not "force" it on you With a very limited line of products, that is, the acquisition of knowledge in the field of IT is very limited to work in other pseudo-Haytech fields such as integration or consulting, or support for companies with a wider product line.

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